The Pyramid



Energetic Transmission: Spiritual strength and steadiness: stability and peace



Pyramids are stabilizing structures. The ancients understood this and built giant pyramids at many strategic locations around the planet, one of the great mysteries of our times.

In 1980, when Leslie lived in Los Angeles, she felt an urgent inner calling to paint The Pyramid. She sensed its purpose was to help energetically stabilize the Earth’s fault lines running through the heavily populated Los Angeles area. Shortly after she completed the painting, a series of earthquakes struck the Cascade Mountains in Washington state, signaling the eruption of the Mount Saint Helens’ volcano. Leslie’s spiritual guides explained to her that along with many other light-workers, her stabilizing energy work via the painting had helped shift the earth’s instability farther north, away from Los Angeles, to a more remote area, avoiding severe destruction in a densely populated area.

The energy of The Pyramid evokes stability, calm and peace. It grounds and anchors these qualities within oneself and in the outer environment as well, supporting physical and spiritual strength and steadiness.

This painting is available as a Giclée (museum-quality reproduction on canvas) and is also included in a set of six museum-quality greeting cards.

The owner of each fine art piece becomes a sponsor and steward of the shakti transmission (healing energy), which radiates into the home of the steward and out into the world. Each fine art piece is imbued with a specific vibration, calibrated to support the Earth and humanity at this pivotal moment in our evolution.