Oceans, Whales and Dolphins

All our cetacean friends are here to share their advanced consciousness and wisdom with us.
—Leslie Temple-Thurston

Prayer Circle for Oceans, Whales and Dolphins

Looked at from a mystical point of view, whales and dolphins, both members of the cetacean race are believed to have originated in the Sirian system. They are characteristically highly intelligent and peaceful in their lifestyle and consciousness, and they carry the living records of perfect harmony and balance. They work to hold and stabilize the oceanic grids of the planet. Whales in particular hold an exceptionally powerful vibration of love in their expansive state of consciousness, which they emit into the waters of Mother Earth. All our cetacean friends are here to share their advanced consciousness and wisdom with us.

The practice of whaling, industrial fishing and fishing nets, the pollution of our seas, high intensity military sonar use and seismic exploration, as well as global warming, are all having a severe effect on whale and dolphin populations, and as a result, they are struggling to maintain their presence on earth.

Please Join Our Prayer Circle

A prayer circle has a quantum effect. Each time one person signs it and offers the prayer, it is as though everyone in the circle is offering the prayer and in that way the effect is magnified. Below we offer an example of a prayer that can be said regularly. Please tailor it to your own use. If you are not accustomed to praying, please hold the spirit of the whales and dolphins in your mind and heart as a prayer. Now more than ever, they need our help.


We are One in Truth with the healing of our precious oceans,
The whales, dolphins and all the creatures whose home is the ocean.
May all be honored for their love, wisdom and service to Earth.
May all be held safely in the ocean waters.
We assist by transmuting the frequencies of destruction,
Offering peace and unity instead. We send them our gratitude.