Prayer Circle

“I have seen a herd of elephants turning through the native forest, pacing along as if they had appointment at the end of the world.”
—— Isak Dinesen, Out of Africa, 1937

Elephants Under Siege

Throughout Africa and Asia, elephants are being slaughtered and their homelands destroyed at alarming rates. The number of African elephants has plummeted from over 10 million in the early 1900s to just 415,000* today—a 95% population reduction. There are only about 25,000 elephants in all of Asia alive today, half of which are in captivity.

The main reasons for the decline in population are:

  • increasing human encroachment on the elephants’ habitat
  • poaching for meat and ivory
  • culling (killing to control population growth within human-made boundaries)

Elephants are under siege. Their declining numbers are a reflection of a world out of balance and a clarion call for humanity to pay attention. Elephants need increased understanding and tolerance from we humans. Through deepening our connection with them and opening our hearts to them, we will eventually be able to return to peaceful co-existence with them. These are gentle giants who simply want to be respected, honored for who they are and left in peace.

*Population count sources include: WWF

A Prayer for the Elephants

Here is a sample prayer to say inwardly or out loud, once a day or as frequently throughout the day as you feel guided. Feel free to modify the prayer. If you aren’t accustomed to praying, simply hold its intention in your heart and mind. Your prayer has a powerful effect. Joining in group prayer has an exponential effect:

“Blessed Oneness, that which I am and which we all are in our deepest Essence, please communicate to those gentle giants of the Earth, the elephants, that I stand in strength and solidarity with them. I offer this prayer from my heart for their healing and well-being. I pray that they may find support where they need it and compassion instead of abuse.

May the humans they come in contact with respect and honor who they are as sentient beings. May they be blessed with peace and a fear-free life and held in loving kindness. I offer great gratitude knowing this will be so. Thank you, Amen.”

Out of Africa—An Elephant Encounter with Leslie Temple-Thurston:

Leslie, an interspecies communicator, shares the story of her extraordinary close encounter with a large bull elephant in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, her conversation with him and her deep commitment to help elephants. She offers a stirring testimonial about the joy of interspecies communication and the many gifts she has received through connecting with the natural world. This intimate video overflows with exquisite footage of Leslie and Brad’s remarkable elephant encounters.

Elephant Immuno-Contraception

Due to human encroachment and fences, Southern Africa’s elephants are losing their habitat, and scientists believe some elephant populations have grown too large. Methods of elephant population control have included culling (killing) and translocation (anesthetizing and moving them to less populated areas). Yet a remarkable new and humane elephant population management method—immuno-contraception—has been successfully pioneered. In this video created by Brad and Leslie as their gift to the elephants, Dr Audrey Delsink PhD shares the extraordinary and inspiring story.

Elephants Are Extraordinary—
An Excerpt From The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony:

“One week I went to Durban on business and on my return was surprised to see all seven elephants outside the house, waiting expectantly as if part of a reception committee. I put it down to coincidence. But it happened again after the next trip, and the next. It soon became obvious that somehow they knew exactly when I was away and when I was coming back.

Then it got … well, spooky. I was at the airport in Johannesburg and missed my flight home. Back at Thula Thula, 400 miles away, the herd was on their way up to the house when, as I was later told, they suddenly halted, turned around and retreated into the bush. We later worked out that this happened at exactly the same time as I missed my flight.

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Interview With Interspecies Communicator, Anna Breytenbach, on African Elephants
By Dominique Koubovec

DK: Some regard elephants as violent and dangerous, whilst others as beautiful and serene…What has your experience been?

AB: Elephants are connected to each other in an expanded family sense and are also very connected to the collective consciousness and to the earth energy. They also appear to have chosen a deliberate interface with humankind. They are an “indicator species” and are thought to be gauges of human consciousness. The way we handle elephant conservation can be interpreted as how far we have advanced as a species. Through conflict situations with humans, they show us what we humans need to see. When they trample through villages, they are showing us a very clear distress signal. They deliberately knock down fences that try to contain them in unnaturally small areas. This is not intended as a violent act. They simply want to be allowed to walk the ancient paths of their knowing. They want to follow instinctive migratory routes.

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