Discover Your Sacred Self

Transformation takes a quantum leap when life becomes love-driven rather than power-driven.
—Leslie Temple-Thurston

Discover Your Sacred Self

CoreLight’s books and audios offer inspiration on the path of Self-Discovery

Knowledge of ancient spiritual truths, revamped and simplified for the modern spiritual seeker

Practical, workable ways to integrate your spiritual practice into daily, worldly activities

Sacred Art

Understanding that our spiritual life IS our worldly life

Remembering that we are not separate from other people, nature, the Earth

Healing of the many split-off parts of ourselves that keep us locked into separation

You are a vast, creative being with many resources

You have an innate capacity to heal the world and yourself

You are a mystical being, beyond the limitations of the material world

CoreLight’s books, audios and sacred art transmit an uplifting, healing energy, known in the East as shakti.

We recommend repeated listening to the audios because deeper layers of the teachings are revealed each time.

We offer our products in the spirit of loving service.
May they support you on your spiritual journey!

With love,
Leslie and Brad