CoreLight is a wonderful organization—a pioneer of Sacred Activism that I support with all my heart and mind.The Marriage of Spirit is a magnificent book that rivets an extremely original understanding of the sacred marriage and the complex role of the shadow. It should be in the backpack of every authentic spiritual seeker.

—Andrew Harvey, religious scholar, teacher of mystic traditions and author of over 30 books, including The Hope and Radical Passion.

The Marriage of Spirit book is a wonderful compilation of truths from various perspectives…. I am sure it will benefit a great many people, and lead us to living fuller and more loving lives.

—Dorothy Maclean, co-founder of The Findhorn Foundation

CoreLight has made a huge difference in my life in the past four years. Classes taught by Leslie and Brad and working specifically with Leslie’s The Marriage of Spirit book have been profoundly transformational. Unlike some spiritual groups, CoreLight is willing to look at the big picture of the global crisis rather than avoiding it, and not only look, but utilize what’s happening externally to help us heal the inner world, so that outer and inner are joined for personal and planetary transformation.

—Carolyn Baker, Ph.D., author of Dark Gold: The Human Shadow And The Global Crisis, and co-author with Andrew Harvey of Return To Joy and Savage Grace.

The Marriage of Spirit is the bible of non-duality! Ultra-clear explanations of how we hold polarities in our awareness fields. I recommend it to everyone I mentor as a “must read.”

—Lucia Rene, spiritual teacher and author of Unplugging the Patriarchy

Knowing Leslie and Brad has been, for me, a knowing of both the visible and Invisible. They are conveyors of soul love and knowing, and I am so grateful for their Mastery and teaching of the rare and seldom spoken of realms.

—Dr. Marj Britt, author, Your Soul’s Invisible Codes: Unveiling Your Sacred Love Story, Founder, Called By Love Institute, Senior Minister Emeritus, Unity of Tustin, CA

I have learnt such a huge amount through my time with CoreLight. Leslie’s immaculate teachings on the dualistic process we engage in upon incarnating, and how to unravel it, continue to be fundamental to my ongoing experience of developing freedom and Unity Consciousness.

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The teachings and wisdom I have gained from Leslie, Brad and CoreLight have helped me work through so many challenging periods of my life, with a strong witness. In 2015, I was facing almost certain death after being diagnosed with stage-four terminal bone cancer. Their support helped me not only to survive, but to heal and come out the other side still smiling—accepting death or life without egoic attachment.

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Leslie’s tools and my learnings through Corelight have saved my life. I first met Leslie when I had just become a single mother of a one-year-old and hit what I called the Dark Night of the Soul.

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CoreLight has been foundational to the success of our efforts to save the legendary White Lions. Brad and Leslie will always be at the very heart of the White Lion Heartlands they helped us secure — to ensure a positive outcome not only for critically endangered lions but also the future of humanity.

—Linda Tucker, CEO and Founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust and author of Mystery of the White Lions and Saving the White Lions

I remember sitting in a darshan with Leslie about a year after I started as a student with CoreLight. I had been going through a separation with my husband and had a five-year-old son who we were transporting back and forth due to separate living arrangements. I spoke to Leslie about an incident that happened with my husband that I didn’t understand. We were doing an exchange with our son in a parking lot, and my husband was very angry and yelling at me.

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More than any spiritual path I know of, this work is about self-empowerment. Combining a unique set of ego processing tools with profound mystical truths, Leslie’s teachings invite us to harness the inner fire of awakening in a path she calls “going God-direct.” Above all, this is heart work—a journey of love, to love and for love! It will inspire you, and with your inner commitment, your heart will open and take you into the absolute truth of your being. Your life will become increasingly beautiful, radiant, and blessed!

—Gary Battaglia, CoreLight Minister

Like a seed nourished by water from the heavens that sprouts in early Spring and opens to share its precious fragrance, my life and all I have become is thanks to Leslie. It is because of her guidance and profound view into the heart of the Divine that I have chosen to devote my life to teaching, chaplaincy, and spiritual counseling.

Attending to suffering and fostering hope and joy in others mired in samsara—this is my life. This is my very precious gift.

It has been 21 years since first receiving the Shakti from Leslie, my teacher, my mentor, my guide on the path, and now my wise spiritual friend. I dwell in deep gratitude.

—Chris Berlin, M.Div., Instructor in Ministry and Spiritual Counseling, Denominational Counselor to Buddhist Students, Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA

To me, the CoreLight teachings are worth more than all the money in the world! I consider them to be the most precious jewels, which free us of our suffering both personally and globally. They are the most sophisticated teachings I have found anywhere. They have helped me understand myself and others in an insightful way and are the foundation of my choices throughout the day. I feel I have received extraordinary, true wisdom, which is so rare in our world.

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When I graduated from seminary at 26 I was satisfied with the level of personal transformation my academic studies had instigated, but I knew that at some point I was going to need “Seminary II.” When I found CoreLight, I soon discovered this was the kind of advanced spiritual development I was looking for.

CoreLight teachings take me to deep levels of my being. They’ve given me the ability to cultivate a depth and quality of existence that is satisfying at a soul level. I’ve experienced my own unconditional love, tender self-acceptance, and alignment with the Divine—what, for me, are the heart of Jesus’ teachings.

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I began Spiritual Warrior Training two years ago; it happened just at the time I was struggling with health issues and living in a highly stressful state, while fighting with depression. I was in despair. At that time I had left my psychotherapy practice since I felt I couldn´t cope with it. So I prayed to Spirit for help. One day, I was casually browsing the Internet, and I was intuitively guided to the CoreLight website. I instantly felt it was Spirit’s response to me. In that precise moment, I decided to begin Spiritual Warrior Training.

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For decades, I’ve tried it all on the “seeker” scene: retreats, mantras, fasts, diets, prayers, sacrifice, gazing, body postures, service, books, visualization, positive thinking, altars, massages, breathing, novenas, gurus, religions, oils, herbs, crystals, chanting, etc. Some of it worked some of the time, but two years ago I hit bottom, and a friend mentioned CoreLight and Leslie and Brad. It was then with CoreLight and its processing techniques that something finally started to change. Corelight helped me to understand what projection meant and why outer events were transpiring. I also learned how I could use the unique tools that CoreLight offered to build my spiritual strength and clear the need for the universe to manifest certain situations.

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Leslie, Brad, and the entire CoreLight community created an incredibly sacred space in which I felt safe to deepen my journey toward self-realization. During the five years I spent completing Enhanced Self Discovery program, I found that the curriculum always seemed to magically align with whatever was going on in my life– affording a wonderful integration between the spiritual and mundane worlds. The most profound gift however was learning to move from an egocentric spiritual path to one completely guided by humility. This has changed my life in innumerable ways. I would highly recommend this program to anyone on his or her spiritual path.

—Maria Clark, personal and spiritual development coach, author

I started working deeply with Marriage of Spirit techniques about 8 years ago. There is a plethora of information, spiritual teachers, and communities in the world from which to choose, and for me, I am eternally grateful for finding the practical applications of Leslie’s polarity and square techniques.

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I met Leslie in 2003 and a few months later did one of her weekend retreats. I immediately took to her teachings, which she presented in a clear and logical way. It all made so much sense to my scientific, rational mind, and I loved the simplicity yet potency of The Marriage of Spirit work. I have since been using her ego-clearing techniques for 14 years and have made significant progress in clearing much of my painful childhood conditioning. Has it been worth it? Oh, absolutely! Having worked through my issues has freed me in so many ways. I have had breakthrough experiences in many areas of my life — my relationships, my capacity to be a loving parent, my work in the world and my finances.

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I met Leslie in 1995. This was the answer to many prayers over many years. Since I dedicated myself to work with Leslie and her teachings, my life has had a beautiful tone to it. Through Leslie’s teachings, processing, meditation, and the CoreLight community, I found my innermost self! I discovered a Love beyond what I could have ever imagined existed.

Leslie has a light-filled presence, purity, and impeccability, and she is dedicated to the well-being of humanity. I bow in profound gratitude and love.

—Charu Rachis, yoga instructor

Leslie offers beautifully organized teachings, guided meditations, personal and energetic support and extremely effective techniques for egoic clearing. She models and supports a loving community that one can access (or not) as one feels inclined. The clearing techniques that Leslie teaches are efficient and powerful for both beginners and advanced spiritual seekers. The results are immediate and profound. They’re useful in everyday life. I use them often to stay in balance, to get new insights, to live more effectively and to grow. I am so grateful to Leslie and CoreLight for these tools, for the caring, heart-centered community, for the deep support, wisdom and love of such adepts. It’s an enormous blessing!


If you have discovered this website, it is because you were guided to it by Spirit. There are no coincidences. When you join CoreLight, you will know that you have found your community, and you will be offered keys to open the door to “the peace beyond all understanding.”

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I began reading The Marriage of Spirit seven months ago. I have tried other methods, but soon after reading the material or completing the course, I would return to my old thinking patterns. While I am still a work in progress, I have had the most success with the Marriage of Spirit techniques, and they have become a part of my everyday life. I’m grateful for the insights and healing as well as awakening me to a much higher understanding of life. The team at CoreLight is kind and supportive, which makes the whole experience even greater. For me, CoreLight has truly been a gift.


Leslie Temple-Thurston’s book, The Marriage of Spirit, was life-changing for me at a time when I was lost on my soul journey. The examples she gives of using Squares helped me to perceive the painful events I was experiencing as loving messages from my soul to get realigned with my soul’s purpose. The Squares process gave me a way to get back on track. I am filled with gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the guidance this book offered to me and to those who are willing and courageous enough to make the effort to look deeply at their life.

—Christine Owen

My studies of Leslie’s teachings and her loving guidance have changed my life. Not only did I learn to witness my actions and thoughts, I also learned how to deal with them. Among other things, using the Polarities and Squares techniques have helped me to clear and release old issues and behaviors so that I could respond to people and events in my life from my heart, rather than react to them from old patterns and beliefs. Letting go of a lifetime of imprinting and misguided lessons frees me to be my authentic, worthy, and lovable self.

—Carol Von Kaenel, CoreLight minister and Reiki Master

At a soul level I chose a childhood that shattered me so that I could not take in nourishment in any way. The self-hatred program was off the scale. Even my physical body was starting to fail.

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The CoreLight teachings have enriched my life on every level, and I am infinitely grateful for the blessings that flow in and through my world as a result. The spiritual training CoreLight offers points the way to a deep, abundant, grounded and eternal sense of connectedness to all things that abide within each of us. CoreLight taught me to find that place. And, perhaps most importantly, once I could find that place within myself, the whole world opened up in magical ways I could not have imagined.

—Cynthia Atcitty, web developer and mother of three

CoreLight shares the leading-edge issues of development in consciousness! Classes offer deep spiritual insight from current events, media coverage, and books by wise writers that are thoroughly researched and meditated upon. The webinars just keep getting deeper and more light-filled. Most inspiring is that Leslie and Brad share their guided meditations and tools for self-awareness with deep love. It has uplifted me through the many years I have a known them.

Also, in a dream I will always remember, I was taken up very high in a crystal elevator then stepped out into a “healed community” which welcomed me warmly. I feel that the community Corelight has cultivated is such a place.


Leslie and Brad have created an oasis with their loveliness and love, their deep and generous hearts, the teachings from the Beloveds shared through them both, and their commitment to all who arrive at the open door.

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CoreLight and Leslie’s teachings have been a part of my life and a foundational element in my spiritual growth for the past 22 years. The Marriage of Spirit work and the Squares technique have assisted me to navigate many points on my path where I had to make decisions or release egoic patterns that were getting in my way. Leslie’s teachings about unity consciousness are clear and offer profound pathways towards the emerging awakened consciousness needed at this pivotal time in history. I am so grateful and highly recommend these teachings to anyone on a spiritual path.

—Kathy Stanley, educator and energy medicine practitioner

Leslie’s teachings live inside me. When I recently heard her Diamond Meditation and how beautiful, scintillating wisdom is held in the forehead, I felt my depth of gratitude to her and her living presence. It is my duty and privilege to embody the teachings as an artist-healer.

—Diana Marto

I remember first being in Leslie’s presence in 1994. She and Brad had just recently arrived in Santa Fe, and Leslie was giving a teaching. Afterwards, Brad helped her walk down steps and out of the room, and as she passed me, she winked. I could feel an energy transmission go from the top of my head all the way through me. I later learned that this is called “God’s wink” and indicates someone who is a teacher for you.

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The first time I sat in darshan with Leslie Temple-Thurston was about 1996, near San Rafael, California. I was not looking for a meditation teacher, a path to awakening, or anything at all. I got roped into going! During the three hours we were together, I noticed two surprising things: First, even though I am very nearsighted and had taken off my glasses during the meditation, when I opened my eyes I could clearly read the small clock all the way on the opposite side of the large hall. My vision went back to normal (blurry) after a few minutes. The second thing I noticed was when we left, I felt a deep peace, like I’d been on a long vacation, not a short half-day class.

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I started reading Returning to Oneness prior to meeting Leslie and Brad and joining the Spiritual Warrior program. After having worked through only the second chapter of the book, I had a very powerful energetic experience one day after doing Taoist yoga in the park. One of the focal points of Returning to Oneness is dissolving the granthis—the energetic knots between the chakras within the human energetic body.

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Studying with CoreLight has infused my experience with a depth and meaning that has transformed my understanding of who I am and what my purpose is. Through CoreLight’s program and the loving support of its teachers, I became aware of the underlying unity of the universe that links my experience to my consciousness and to the divine consciousness of the universe.

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Leslie’s teachings, and the clarity with which she has presented them, are profound. We met Brad and Leslie over twenty years ago when they first came to Portland in the mid-90s, and it was love at first sight. A strong community of like-minded souls rapidly came together, creating opportunities for us to be creative and serve Spirit.

Many of our closest friends are those we met at CoreLight intensives, retreats, darshans and teacher-training events, while learning polarity processing techniques and further developing the witness (observer self.)

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Leslie and Brad offer profound insights into love, compassion, integrity and what it means to live as an empowered human being in this changing, beautiful and messy world.

—Jeanne Noble

Leslie gave to me a deep understanding of the role of the heart in the spiritual world. Watching her dance or cry or delight in the beauty of the natural world expanded my understanding and emboldened me to live more completely from my heart. I have deep gratitude for this teaching and much love for Leslie.

—Judy Miller, inspirational speaker, coach, and author of Home Spun Hope: Making a Difference in Rural South Africa

Listening attentively to all audios in both Spiritual Warrior Training courses, I felt my heart softening, opening, subtly surrendering wounded places, and naturally coming into deeper compassion and love for all. Just by listening! I am forever grateful.

—Kaylee Powell

I participated in a CoreLight virtual retreat, and it was a profound experience of peace and bliss. I discovered that I could create a space for myself without leaving my home in the suburbs. Here I felt connected to the Light in all of us and now know deep within that we one.

—Lea Philpott, Waldorf teacher for kindergarten, parent and tot, and for Joyful Beginnings

By the age of five I was the oldest of four children, and my life was dedicated to the care of others and watching my own feelings of worth be measured by the reactions of others. There were many variations on the theme of “getting by”, which did include health and happiness, but from a very early age I recall asking my mom about “the big picture.” I asked her, “Is this all there is?” around the age of seven, and I was deeply disappointed to hear her answer.

I dragged myself through life, finally succumbing to antidepressants and the belief that it was simply the way of life. Somehow I found my way back to a counselor I’d worked with years before, and she introduced me to The Marriage of Spirit.

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I have enjoyed this community for many years, being first introduced to Leslie at Unity of Bellevue in the early 1990s. I started with reading The Marriage of Spirit, learning the squares process and using it in many ways. Then I took Spiritual Warrior Training and have participated in some of the calls associated with that group. I have all of the books and meditation audios and treasure them. I also participate in the healing prayer group and hold light for many. This group is a place to participate in holding that Light with others of like, loving mind.


Leslie came into my life at a pivotal stage of my evolutionary cycle. My spiritual growth took giant steps towards wholeness, healing and integration. I still apply the spiritual principles she taught me in her training sessions and audios, which I have made my own. This work is revolutionary and life-changing, and I can personally recommend it to any soul that wants to live in Union and Oneness.

—Sue du Plessis

I could write a whole book on how my life is so full of joy and beauty, and I know deep in my heart, it is because of the teachings of CoreLight.

—Teresa Smith

24 years ago I had my first astrological reading, and I told the astrologer that I wanted to feel my Christ Consciousness within. At the time I didn’t know where that phrase came from (being raised southern Baptist), but the astrologer introduced me to Leslie’s work.

From the moment I heard her speaking on the audio recordings, I knew that what she emanated in the simple sound of her voice was what I’d been looking for all my life.

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