About Leslie Temple-Thurston

The heart is where heaven and earth meet. It is the place where our human-ness meets and integrates with our Divinity. The journey to discover the heart is the journey to find our true humanity—the perfected human being—that which we really are.
—Leslie Temple-Thurston

Leslie Temple-Thurston is a teacher of enlightenment, who since 1988 has wholeheartedly dedicated her life to inspiring and guiding people towards reaching their spiritual awakening at this most important and pivotal moment in humanity’s evolution. Her message is about love and awakening to a new paradigm of heart-centeredness.

Through her books, courses and audio recordings, Leslie has mentored thousands of spiritual seekers worldwide who are committed to the work of transformation and awakening to higher states, guiding them to become conscious of the luminous core of enlightenment within themselves.

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