About Leslie’s Sacred Art

“Beauty is everywhere! Walk in beauty.”

—Leslie Temple-Thurston

After three decades of spiritual teaching, Leslie returned to her first passion—art. Painting and creating works of art have always brought her enormous joy and provided yet another vehicle for her to channel love and healing into the world.

In her twenties, she received a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, worked professionally in oil and acrylics and sold her paintings in one of South Africa’s finest galleries.

When Leslie woke up in the 1980s, her spiritual guides taught her to infuse her art with a transmission of healing energy, which holds seeds of transformation. Buddhists call this type of artwork, Termas—hidden treasures esoterically embedded in an object by a spiritual master.

We invite you to peruse our gallery of Leslie’s sacred art, available as Giclées (museum-quality reproductions on canvas) and as sets of museum-quality greeting cards. The owner of each fine art piece becomes a sponsor and steward of the shakti transmission (healing energy), which radiates into the home of the steward and out into the world. Each fine art piece is imbued with a specific vibration, calibrated to support the Earth and humanity at this pivotal moment in our evolution.

A Percentage of Proceeds Supports
Seeds of Light’s Children’s Art Program

Your purchases not only help disseminate the spiritual transmission embedded in the art but also assist our nonprofit’s work. A percentage of all sales is given to the Children’s Art Program at Seeds of Light, our humanitarian arm that supports the marginalized community of Acornhoek, South Africa — where about 1 in 4 people is HIV+ and there is 60-70% unemployment and limited water and electricity.

Leslie explained her original purpose for the program as follows:

“Children who are taught art learn that they are not empty inside—that they always have inner resources to draw on and that they can create something out of nothing. They become adults who find creative solutions to life’s many challenges and therefore adopt a positive attitude. They find their value within and gain a sense of confidence and self-worth: essential qualities for developing a fulfilling life, and perhaps most importantly, a sustainable future for their community.”

For over two decades, Seeds of Light has taught thousands of children art through this successful program which has now spread into schools. We have also trained art teachers who are helping us reach an increasing number of children.

Thank you for assisting us in making a significant difference in the lives of these precious children. Your support gives them a chance at life.