Who We Are

A Note from Leslie and Brad

Our passion is to create positive change in the world by fostering inner peace amongst individuals and outer peace through humanitarian service. Our dedication is to the awakening of humanity and to the healing of the Earth. We believe unshakably that the only way to accomplish this is through each person’s willingness to take responsibility for his or her own transformation, as well as to collaborate with others in the work of creating change. Our lives are dedicated to this practice and to supporting others on their own journey with this important work.

If we can understand that our life’s purpose is to evolve and we can focus on what that truly means, we can forgo things like chasing success. Then a quickening begins, and we experience what is essentially an ascension of our consciousness into ever- increasing states of brilliance. We find unlimited creativity, knowledge and inspiration, and see that ultimately—evolution is success!

— Leslie Temple-Thurston

In this new paradigm of the heart, we use power in a non-polarized way. We do not project it onto authority figures and indulge in power games. Those games have brought us to where we are now—corralled at the edge of a cliff. There is a way out. It is a path many are discovering. It is walking the middle way, the way of balance between the extremes, the way of opening the heart.

— Brad Laughlin