Peace Around the World

Prayer Circle for Peace Around the World

We invite you to join us in praying for peace in the world.

We share a sample prayer below that can be offered daily or as often as you like. Please tailor the prayer to your own use. If you are not accustomed to praying, please just hold the spirit of the prayer in your mind and heart.

Remember that when we pray as a group, the power of our intention is magnified exponentially.

The Sixty-Second Serenity Practice

Outer peace in the world begins with inner peace within each of us. We invite you to create inner peace throughout your day with The Sixty-Second Serenity Practice—our gift to you. You can download the free guided meditation audio by Brad or read the essay about the practice by Leslie.

When enough people find inner peace, there will be a tipping point, and outer peace in our world will manifest.

The Prayer

From the place of connectedness in us all:

Our hearts unite for peace in the world.
May all my thoughts, words and deeds make me an instrument of peace in the world.
May all people and all leaders find solutions to benefit everyone equally.
May the spirit of compassion and forgiveness move in and through the hearts of all people.
May we all direct our actions from love for humanity and the Earth.
We call in blessings and protection for all who are working for Universal Peace.
We call on the power of Grace and give thanks, knowing that this is so.

Peace, Shalom, Salaam.