Peace Around the World

Prayer Circle for Peace Around the World

All of us at CoreLight would like to invite you to join our Prayer Circle and participate in creating a field of Peace in our World.

We share here a sample prayer that can be offered daily or as often as you like. Please tailor the prayer to your own use. See other possible prayers here. If you are not accustomed to praying, please hold the spirit of the prayer in your mind and heart. Remember that when you join the Prayer Circle your participation resonates in a powerful unity with all the other participants.

The Sixty-Second Serenity Practice

Create inner peace throughout your day with this simple technique, a gift from Leslie. When enough people find inner peace, there will be a tipping point, and we will have outer peace in our world.

The Prayer

From the place of Oneness in us all:

Our hearts unite for peace in the world.
May peace manifest its mystery through Grace.
May the people and their leaders find solutions
to benefit everyone equally.
May the spirit of generosity and forgiveness move in and through the hearts of all people.
May all involved direct their actions from love for Humanity.
We give thanks, knowing that this is now so.

Shalom, Salaam, Peace.

Please Join Our Prayer Circle

A prayer circle has a quantum effect. Each time one person signs it and offers the prayer, it is as though everyone in the circle is offering the prayer and in that way the effect is magnified. Now more than ever, the world needs our help.

Fill in your details and click below to join the prayer circle.
Adding your name is optional, although we encourage you to fill in your country so that our map can register your support and others can see where the support is coming from. Should you choose to add your name, be assured it will not be shown or used in any way. If you add neither name, or country, please join us in spirit and hold the intention for peace.