Spiritual Weather Report Archive

Brad and Leslie’s free monthly virtual gathering. The calls are an opportunity to talk about the prevailing energies affecting us all and the spiritual principles most needed to help us thrive in these times of great change on Earth. Brad leads the calls. Leslie remains in silent meditation and offers a transmission of healing energy. The gatherings are offered in the spirit of service, to help inspire and guide on the journey of Self-discovery and to offer comfort and peace. They include a guided meditation and time for Q&A and sharing. Join our mailing list to receive more information.


  • 2020 September: Spiritual Weather Report audio

  • 2020 August: Spiritual Weather Report audio

  • 2020 July: Spiritual Weather Report audio

  • 2020 June: Spiritual Weather Report audio

  • 2020 May: With Guest Speaker, Anna Breytenbach, Interspecies Communicator

  • 2020 April: Coronavirus—A Spiritual Perspective, Part 2

  • 2020 March: Coronavirus—A Spiritual Perspective, Part 1