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Welcome to our audio archive of Brad Laughlin’s complimentary monthly podcast, addressing the prevailing energies affecting us all and the spiritual principles most needed to help us thrive in these times of great change on Earth. They are offered in the spirit of service, to help inspire and guide, and to offer comfort and peace. They include:

  • guided meditations
  • illuminating spiritual insights to help transform and uplift
  • Q&A
  • a transmission of healing energy

We invite you to enjoy previous episodes even though these podcasts are “weather reports” and the date has passed. They offer timeless spiritual principles and address increasingly relevant, worldly topics.

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Current Forecast

  • Introduction [00;00 – 06;55]

    Guided Meditation [06;56 – 21;08]


    • [22;25] Being a Bridge Between Old and New Paradigms
    • [53;22] Healing from Loneliness
    • [1:15;47] Finding Joy Amidst Challenges

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:41;47] How can I feel, experience and deeply know that I am Love?
    • [1:49;35] Is it necessary to experience suffering before you can awaken spiritually?
    • [1:53;32] How can I stay more alert in meditation instead of dozing off?

    Closing Prayer and Offering: [1:57;26]


  • Introduction [00;00 – 06;40]

    Guided Meditation [06;41 – 26;27]


    • [27;55] Soul Freedom: Our Highest Fulfillment
    • [41;20] Transcending the Fear of Change
    • [47;32] Grieving the Loss of the Familiar
    • [55;15] Freedom of Speech
    • [1:04;55] Neither Believing nor Disbelieving
    • [1:09;47] The Rising of the Feminine Power: Equality, Paradox

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:27;11] What is happening spiritually with people with dementia?
    • [1:40;36] Is the division between right-wing and left-wing increasing worldwide?
    • [1:46;53] Is there such a thing as dark, evil energy that can attach to or attack people and impede them on their path to awakening, or is this just a superstitious mental concept?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:52;28]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 11;13]

    Guided Meditation [11;14 – 32;22]


    • [33;33] Special Guest Speaker, Stephanie Austin
    • [40;05] Exponential Change in 2024: Pluto in Aquarius
    • [48;16] Standing Up for Truth
    • [56;45] Redefining Spirituality
    • [59;02] Pluto in Aquarius
    • [1:03;20] Claiming our Positive Potentials
    • [1:04;30] Being Aware of and Clearing Current Shadow Aspects
    • [1:16;16] Transcending Power Struggles
    • [1:22;51] Space Weather
    • [1:33;49] Choosing Joy over Fear

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:42;55]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 08;22]

    Guided Meditation [08;23 – 32;50]


    • [34;15] Moving from War to Peace: A Recap
    • [49;13] An Exercise for Moving Beyond War
    • [1:04;38] Having Hope
    • [1:09;48] Using This Power Portal to Build Our Light
    • [1:29;59] 2024: A Rollercoaster Ride

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:35;53] Is Witnessing being cognitively aware that you are aware of your emotional state, and therefore not being drawn into duality?
    • [1:43;09] I am processing the reluctance of owning property and see it is related to worthlessness and the desire for maximum liberty. It feels like a suffocating block around the neck and shoulder area. Please share your thoughts.

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:55;05]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 06;29]

    Guided Meditation [06;30 – 28;59]


    • [34;08] Moving from War to Peace
    • [44;06] Practicing Discernment
    • [50;43] Experiencing Breakdown Before Breakthrough
    • [1:00;00] You Can Go Only as High as You’re Willing to Go Low
    • [1:01;42] Viewing from a Soul Level
    • [1:10;31] Taking Action and Saying No
    • [1:14;32] Finding Inner Peace Amidst Intense Shadow

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:22;08] Many are so tired of war. What is your sense of this powerful time, peace, timelines and a New Earth?
    • [1:31;24] Living near a city stresses my whole system, and it feels almost impossible to have a 3D job in order to make a living. Do you have suggestions?
    • [1:43;51] I am a healer and a wanderer. I carry my home inside of me and haven’t found my sanctuary yet. Do you have any insights?
    • [1:50;17] Is there any connection between our ascension in consciousness and electro-magnetic radiation (EMR)?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:56;45]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 08;13]

    Guided Meditation [08;14 – 32;33]


    • [33;00] Balancing Masculine and Feminine
    • [42;55] Remembering Our Connection With Gaia
    • [58;06] Witnessing the Charge on Masculine-Feminine Issues
    • [1:19;44] What Is the Power of the Feminine?
    • [1:21;24] Moving from Patriarchy to the New Paradigm of the Heart
    • [1:21;49] The Barbie Movie: Exploring Patriarchal Shadow and Feminine Power
    • [1:33;50] An Exercise to Help Balance Masculine-Feminine

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:44;39] Is there anything we can do to energetically help the wild horses of North America? There is a herd being rounded up in Colorado, and the abusive treatment is off the charts.

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:54;17]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 11;09]

    Guided Meditation [11;10 – 32;41]


    • [33;32] What’s the Purpose Behind This Time of Great Change?
    • [46;23] Transcending Fear of the Surveillance State
    • [1:01;43] An Exercise to Clear the Fear
    • [1:11;00] The Gift of Truth and Freedom

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:24;13] Why did you recommend we read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World?
    • [1:27;53] My son is playing “tyrant” to my “victim”. How do I best deal with this?
    • [1:32;13] How can I feel enthusiastic about starting a new chapter in life when I feel badly about myself?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:38;24]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 09;23]

    Guided Meditation [09;24 – 36;59]


    • [37;00] Remember the Helicopter View
    • [49;21] Giving and Receiving
    • [50;29] An Exercise to Support our Ability to Give and Receive
    • [1:12;01] Don’t Worry, Be Happy
    • [1:16;25] Our Job Is to Maintain a High Vibration

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:32;11] What’s going on with the energy? It’s knocked me on my rear end since May 1, including extreme physical symptoms. Any suggestions?
    • [1:36;51] What is “spiritual surrender”? Please give some real-life examples. Is it active or passive?
    • [1:51;34] Does energy come into the heart or out from the heart? And into the crown or out from the crown?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:53;10]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 07;09]

    Guided Meditation [07;10 – 30;00]


    • [30;25] What Is the Role of Censorship in the Great Awakening?
    • [58;34] The Power of Discernment
    • [1:08;43] What Is the Role of the Inner Censor in Our Personal Awakening?
    • [1:15;32] The Importance of Developing Courage
    • [1:21;10] A Transformational Exercise for Our Awakening

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:30;30] In leaving an old life behind, how do we consciously shape our passage into a new life?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:48;08]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 06;47]

    Guided Meditation: [06;48 – 34;01]


    • [34;20] What Is the Wave of Positive Energy Sweeping the Planet?
    • [41;18] A Time for Letting Go of Old Forms
    • [50;55] How Do We Stay on Our Surfboards?
    • [58;50] How Do We Manifest the New Paradigm of the Heart?
    • [1:04;11] Love and Truth Are the Most Powerful Forces in the Universe
    • [1:20;47] Transcending Victim-Tyrant Consciousness

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:25;41] I feel so much pain about the abuse of animals by humans, and I feel ready to do anything to protect them, even die for the cause. When is it a Spiritual Warrior call to action and when is it martyrdom? My mama bear protectress energy is awakening and needs an outlet.
    • [1:51;38] In Leslie’s book, Returning to Oneness, she says, “If the weak are willing to own their power, then equality begins to grow inside them.” What does that look like in life (relationships, jobs, seeking justice) when love is the focus? How do we embrace our power from a place of love?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [2:01;55]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 08;28]

    Guided Meditation [08;29 – 34;25]


    • [34;26] Healing Trauma—Ancestral, Collective and Personal
    • [57;05] Joy Is the Ultimate Fulfillment of the Spiritual Path
    • [1:07;43] Grief Leads to Joy
    • [1:26;50] Overcoming Fear of Escalating War
    • [1:33;04] What We Focus on Is What We Manifest
    • [1:36;05] Visioning the New Paradigm of the Heart—an Exercise
    • [1:37;29] What Is the Soul’s Perspective of These Times?

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:44;40] I am seeing an increase in mental health issues where people are so engrossed in their pain that they cannot feel, see or consider a way forward to connection and joy. How can we best navigate these times and support our communities with practical steps?
    • [1:48;37] I am excited about the Spiritual Warrior Training course, but I notice a clenching in my system when I see the word “Warrior”. Could you please explain the use of this word.

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:54;10]

  • Introduction: [00;00 – 06;02]

    Guided Meditation: [06;03 – 29;55]


    • [32;54] How Can We Best Use the Consciousness Portal of: 12/12, 12/21, 12/25, 1/1?
    • [36;56] Witnessing Is Spiritual Awakening
    • [41;53] Clearing Approval and Disapproval
    • [55;14] Do Holiday Traditions Serve Our Awakening?
    • [1:11;22] What Inspires You?
    • [1:14;19] How to Approach the Holidays as a Mystic?

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:30;39] I feel constant, supercharged, restless energy deep inside myself that won’t go away and leaves me with the sense that I should be doing something so much bigger than pushing papers in an office. It holds such a sense of urgency. I want to help animals and the planet. What can I do? Where do I begin?
    • [1:49;42] Can you please share more about the example in your book, Living With Enlightenment, of knowing when thoughts are not yours but someone else’s? How can I discern the difference?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:58;10]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 04;09]

    Guided Meditation [04;10 – 29;46]


    • [30;20] How Does Spiritual Detachment Support Us Through Changes and Challenges of World Events?
    • [30;20] What Is Spiritual Detachment?
    • [45;37] What Is Attachment?
    • [50;45] What Detachment Is Not
    • [1:02;23] What Are the Benefits of Detachment?
    • [1:10;07] How Do We Practice Detachment?
    • [1:23;20] The Power of Gratitude

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:29;57] Could you please talk about dark interferences in our day-to-day lives?
    • [1:35;40] How do they manifest in our reality and in our thoughts?

    Closing Prayer [1:50;33]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 05;34]

    Guided Meditation [05;35 – 25;55]


    • [26;21] An Old Cycle Ending and a New One Beginning
    • [31;27] Lessons From Nature
    • [56;36] Re-Examining Our Most Basic Beliefs
    • [1:05;46] Out With the Old and in With the New
    • [1:06;21] Identifying What Serves Us and Brings Us Joy
    • [1:07;12] Transcending the Fear of Saying No

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:16;53] Does processing “shadow” ever stop?
    • [1:21;09] Is lacking a social life normal while on a spiritual path?
    • [1:25;50] What can I do about feeling lonely?
    • [1:32;04] Can you share insights about finding abundance in the midst of losses such as: climate change; species extinctions; shortages of jobs, workers and supplies; rising interest rates; the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer; people at borders fleeing danger and so forth?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:47;18]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 05;50]

    Guided Meditation [05;51 – 32;42]


    • [40;40] What does the death of the Queen of England signify and what is the role of royalty in the Patriarchal Age?
    • [46;18] Claiming our personal sovereignty
    • [49;42] Moving beyond Victim-Tyrant-Savior consciousness
    • [1:02;50] Why is individuation the key to our personal power?
    • [1:13;43] Why is taking responsibility the key to freedom?
    • [1:16;35] An exercise to claim our personal sovereignty

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:25;59] What is synchronicity, really? Is it simply attracting things based on where I’m placing my attention?
    • [1:34;09] How do I know if my desire to help the homeless is savior consciousness or not?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:52;46]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 08;11]

    Guided Meditation [08;12 – 30;42]


    • [31;24] The Rising Power of the Feminine
    • [38;45] Transmuting Fear and Anxiety
    • [53;38] The Power of Slowing Down and Taking Stock
    • [1:07;25] What is Spiritual Surrender?
    • [1:18;27] Clearing Cynicism and Despair
    • [1:22;15] Developing the Power of Purity

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:33;19] Aren’t the gifts of auspicious astrological configurations always available to us?
    • [1:34;46] I applied for a position on a public-land-use committee that discusses issues like wild horses, resource extraction, hunting and so forth on state and federal land. I would be the only one who stands for protection of land and wildlife. How do I handle my anger, despair, fear and cynicism?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:58;38]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 08;39]

    Guided Meditation [08;40 – 30;10]


    • [30;25] Receiving the Powerful Energies of the August Lion’s Gate
    • [36;03] Embracing the Unknown
    • [38;10] Being the Artist of Your Life
    • [59;23] The Rising of the Feminine Power
    • [1:06;23] Being Flexible
    • [1:27;40] Spending Time in Nature

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:31;28] How do solar flares and CMEs (coronal mass ejections) impact consciousness? How can I better understand how to make best use of these events?
    • [1:38;06] Can you please offer insights on the practice of sky walking?
    • [1:45;33] Can you speak about building and maintaining our light? As we age and also when we feel despair and want to give up, we lose our light. How do we keep it despite all the negative energy that bombards us?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:50;35]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 10;29]

    Guided Meditation [10;30 – 28;33]


    • [29;04] Recognizing that our worldly path is our spiritual path
    • [32;52] Walking the razor’s edge in surreal times
    • [35;06] Cognizing paradox
    • [37;26] Practicing holding tension between polarities, an exercise
    • [52;55] Gaining a spiritual perspective on Roe vs Wade
    • [56;12] Finding tolerance
    • [1:07;38] Re-framing the argument
    • [1:27;55] Finding inner peace amidst intense shadow

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:33;16] Should we euthanize pets to help them avoid pain?
    • [1:33;47] What can you share about the religious and scientific premise that human beings are the most evolved species?
    • [1:46;08] How do we embody more Love?
    • [1:46;56] How do we raise our frequency in order to be lighter?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [1:54;36]

  • Introduction [00;00 – 08;14]

    Guided Meditation [08:15 – 34;40]


    • [34;41] Creating what you want to create
    • [38;13] Becoming free of negativity and despair
    • [41;21] Clearing unfairness and injustice
    • [58;10] Healing our relationship with our parents
    • [1:18;57] Practicing gratitude for the natural world

    Q&A Highlights

    • [1:29;02] How do I deal with my anger and fear at the possibility of Roe vs Wade being overturned?
    • [1:46;50] Hearing about aliens and ETs feels overwhelming, and I’m cautious about taking in this information. Can you offer any feedback?

    Closing Prayer and Offering [2:00;45]