Communion with the Higher Self



Size: 16” x 20”
Energetic Transmission: The luminous core of enlightenment



Emerging from the silver chalice and effulgent blossom, which represent the feminine principle, is the radiant, golden-white Higher Self. Transforming outmoded, limiting, religious notions of communion, this chalice contains the flowering of a new elixir—conscious connection with our inner divinity.

The luminous being is an exquisite original painting by Leslie—Higher Self. She created this collage on its giclee.

After a several-year “cave experience” in the 1980s that culminated with her spiritual awakening, Leslie was taught by her guides to integrate deep states of samadhi, unity consciousness, with physical action—through painting. By sitting in meditation and slowly adding paint to canvas, her first creation after enlightenment was Higher Self (acrylic on canvas with metallic gold and silver, 5 feet x 2.5 feet). Imbued with refinement, subtlety and elegance, Higher Self contains a potent transmission of the light of transcendent consciousness.

The giclée is a museum-quality reproduction of the original collage, on 16” x 20” textured, heavy, cotton-rag paper, a standard size for easy framing. It can be framed with or without a mat because there is a built-in, open mat to show Leslie’s signature. No mounting or stretching is required.