As Above So Below: The New Buddha Descending into the World



Size: 16” x 20”
Energetic Transmission: Birth of the New Paradigm of the Heart



After the Solstice of December 21, 2012, Leslie emerged from an extended period of deep meditation and absorption in samadhi, a state of unity consciousness. During this time, she had been holding space for the birth of a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness on Earth. Lacking words to describe the profound, transcendental experience, she immersed herself in images and color, and imbued into this exquisite collage the blessing she received while merged with the light of Oneness.

Leslie’s luscious, hand-painted watercolor provides the background for sacred images to tell the story of The New Buddha Descending into the World. As the light of awakened consciousness penetrates through the trees, an angel overlights Buddha’s descent. The Egyptian goddess Sekhmet helps direct the energy while Aslan the white lion holds the field steady and radiates light from the central sun. The snake—ancient symbol of feminine power—weaves light through the soil, and crocodiles support the underworld in luminous shadow.

The giclée is a museum-quality reproduction of the original collage, on 16” x 20” textured, heavy, cotton-rag paper, a standard size for easy framing. It can be framed with or without a mat because there is a built-in, open mat to show Leslie’s signature. No mounting or stretching is required.