The New Thymus Chakra—Lecture and Guided Meditations (set)



In an increasingly toxic world, our wellbeing is under mounting assault—both physically and spiritually. Now more than ever we need innovative and effective methods of boosting the immune system and strengthening the body’s subtle energy systems that support our physical health.


The New Thymus Chakra audio set by Leslie Temple-Thurston offers a solution.

Located in the area of the thymus gland, between the throat and heart, the thymus chakra helps to strengthen the thymus gland, the endocrine system and the body’s immune system. Opening the thymus chakra supports the processing of higher vibratory energies and the integration of a tremendous flow of spiritual energy in and through your physical body.

Through powerful and illuminating guided meditations and teachings, Leslie helps you to initiate, understand and develop the new thymus chakra so that you can not only be healthier and happier but so that you can thrive amidst the assaults of our increasingly stressful, hectic and toxic environment.

The Thymus Chakra audio set includes: 1) a newly digitized, edited and re-mastered recording of Leslie’s original The New Thymus Chakra, and 2) two powerful guided meditations recorded at a live event in South Africa, The Thymus Chakra Meditation and The Home-Star Meditation.

In the first part of this audio set, Leslie:

  • Offers a guided meditation and discussion to initiate and develop the power of the new, transpersonal thymus chakra
  • Explores the body’s subtle anatomy, including how to locate and connect with the new thymus chakra
  • Explains why this new chakra is opening in the human body and how it is available for anyone who is ready to receive it.

In the second part, Leslie shares important information about the development of the new, transpersonal thymus chakra and offers two potent guided meditations:

  • The Thymus Chakra Meditation, activating the core state within and connecting to the new thymus chakra.
  • The Home Star Meditation. The energy of the home star plays a vital role in energizing one’s body and boosting vitality.

Part 1: 72 minutes, The New Thymus Chakra, newly edited and re-mastered.
Part 2: 46 minutes, Two Guided Meditations, recorded at a live event.

Total running time: 1 hour 58 minutes