Returning to Oneness

The Seven (Now Eight) Keys of Ascension

Third Edition Now Available:
New Life-Changing Eighth Key Revealed

A river of light, pure intelligence and love flows within each of us. When the river flows in its fullness, unimpeded from head to toe, we feel successful, happy, fulfilled and awake to our true nature as eternal, timeless beings. Unfortunately, often the river is merely a trickle. Returning to Oneness reveals the limitations that restrict the flow of light in the body and mind and shows us how to awaken more permanently to our full potential by using a series of simple Keys, which are based in the ancient teachings of non-duality.

Presented here in a clear, easy, user-friendly form, the Seven Keys have been expanded to include a new, life-changing Eighth Key that Leslie revealed just months after publishing the second edition of the book. These Eight Keys offer a path out of our confusion and angst. Never before have the teachings of love, wisdom and unity consciousness been so greatly needed as they are now, as tools for navigating these extraordinary times of rapid, accelerating change.

As revealed in this much-anticipated third edition, Earth and humanity are opening to new levels of spiritual power and awareness. We are experiencing a complex re-working of our old energy system into a dramatically new one that allows the physical body to tap fully into its vast multidimensionality.

This radical overhaul of the body’s subtle-physical anatomy heralds the emergence of both a completely new, integrated human being and a whole new planetary energy system. By activating and developing our direct connection to Source, we can not only survive but thrive amidst the challenges of today, including the assaults of our increasingly stressful, chaotic and toxic environment.

With its new cover illuminated and transformed by Leslie’s shakti-filled gaze, this book reveals many practical exercises, prayers and meditations to help us reach new, ascended states of consciousness—and live healthy, productive and fulfilling lives.

Leslie’s Wisdom Teachings: Companion Sets

Leslie conceived and delivered two books within a very short time, and while not twins, they are certainly inseparable siblings—unique, independent, and they belong together. Rich in wisdom teachings, the set was transmitted as a complementary process of awakening, which can be experienced in any order. When you purchase this new softcover edition of Returning to Oneness, along with its essential softcover companion, The Marriage of Spirit, they come paired at a discount.

Wisdom Teachings Book Set


The original, live talks where Leslie began to reveal the new, life-changing Eighth Key—The New Thymus Chakra audio—is the surprise addition to our second companion set offer. The Wisdom Teachings Digital Book-Audio Set includes this source material, which contains a powerful transmission of healing energy and offers important insights on how to: thrive in our increasingly toxic and stressful world, strengthen the immune system and support the flow of spiritual energy in the body. It heralds the emergence of a completely new, integrated human being and a whole new planetary energy system. Two powerful, guided meditations are included. When you purchase Returning to Oneness and The Marriage of Spirit ebooks, The New Thymus Chakra audio set comes paired with them at a significant discount.

Wisdom Teachings Digital Book-Audio Set

Insights for Opening the Doorways Between the Chakra Levels

This simple, easy-to-use book packs a surprising punch, advancing our spiritual practice toward awakening. Deepening the initiatory, mystical principles of The Marriage of Spirit, it offers quick, practical, potent methods for integrating the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Complex, esoteric information is presented in an uncomplicated way and is encapsulated as Eight Keys of understanding, which are a foundation for the teachings of non-duality and which support our embodiment of non-duality.

Returning to Oneness explains why and how limiting states of consciousness, common to everyone—for example, the perception of loss and the fear of death—keep our chakras closed down, blocking the energy flows in the body and stifling our ability to function at our full potential. The Keys are enlightened mental understandings, integrated states of consciousness, which have the power to open the chakras and restore the energy flows in the body.

Like the deeply transformational techniques from The Marriage of Spirit, when used as a regular practice, the Keys become highly effective tools for awakening the movement of the life force throughout the whole being. We experience full mental clarity, emotional balance and luminous presence in the body. Our perception of life radically changes. We are no longer drained by or driven by negativity, fear, anger or victimhood. The flow of life force, or kundalini, moves easily up to the crown chakra, connecting us with higher intelligence, and down to the root, eventually removing our fear of death so that the whole body-mind system functions in synchronicity with the Self.

Each chapter reveals:

  • How we hold a block, or limitation, in the body-mind
  • Where in the physical body and in which chakra it restricts us
  • The key to releasing it.

For example: The Key to opening the fourth chakra, which is located at the diaphragm, is “Forgive all betrayals”. When we feel betrayed and victimized, our energy becomes blocked there. Learning to forgive life’s betrayals opens the diaphragm and third chakra, so that the kundalini may flow easily into the heart chakra and open the heart. Experiencing the open heart allows us to live in the state of love.

It is helpful to use the seven keys daily, for example:

  • At the beginning of your meditation
  • After a traumatic experience when you are left feeling unsettled
  • Whenever you feel your energy is blocked for any reason.

These are powerful, practical tools that you can take with you for the rest of your life—on your journey to the Self.