Returning to Oneness


Profound and accessible… creates significant shifts very rapidly

“The Keys to Ascension are the most powerful tools for personal transformation that I have encountered on my road of personal growth and transformation. I was first introduced to Leslie Temple-Thurston and CoreLight in 2000 when I was going through my “dark night of the soul.” I was in my third year of medical school, had just separated from my then husband and was still nursing our young child. I felt lost, alone, confused, and hopeless.

A friend invited me to attend a darshan with Leslie. Despite my depression, I agreed. That pivotal moment began a beautiful awakening for me, and I have gratefully studied with CoreLight ever since. I have transformed personal and ancestral trauma, cleared depression, anxiety and panic attacks, and manifested an incredible, fulfilling life I hadn’t imagined possible.

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A powerful energetic experience… a profound dissolution

“I started reading Returning to Oneness prior to meeting Leslie and Brad and joining the Spiritual Warrior program. After having worked through only the second chapter of the book, I had a very powerful energetic experience one day after doing Taoist yoga in the park. One of the focal points of Returning to Oneness is dissolving the granthis—the energetic knots between the chakras within the human energetic body. After my yoga practice I felt as if I was having a panic attack, as my solar plexus became very contracted, and I felt like no breath was coming into my lungs.

As I relaxed and surrendered into the experience, I realized that I had experienced an energetic integration. I had a release of prana, clearing my energetic body—all my chakras and nadis. The experience continued with a profound dissolution—the ego was no more—and I was one with everything and just being aware of all that is. My body felt like it was plugged into an electric socket, and all cells were alive and glowing with energy.

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These deceptively simple Keys… will transform your life!

“At first glance, the eight maxims in this potent little book may seem like just another New Age spiritual to-do list. But don’t be fooled! In truth, these deceptively simple Keys, downloaded directly from Source, will unlock and release the flow of spiritual energy in the body and transform your life! Coupled with a strong neutral witness, these magical Keys to Life are a shortcut out of ego and out of duality. As you use and embody them more and more, they will become your default whenever you observe yourself identifying with any thought or emotion or limiting belief. You will want to keep this enlightening book by your bedside and refer to it often as it begins to reveal to you its richly layered mystical truths.”

—Gary Battaglia, Spiritual mentor and teacher

A jewel, a pot of gold

“Returning to Oneness is a jewel, a pot of gold that I hold dear to my heart. I was with Leslie in retreat many years ago when these Keys came to her in meditation. I began integrating them into all my meditations, which opened me to radiant light coming into my crown, through all the chakras and the shushumna, illuminating the Oneness of all existence. I have felt a deep gratitude for Leslie’s sharing these … Keys that can help facilitate both our individual and collective awakening.”

—Diane Steinbrecher, LCSW, CHT, MSWAC, Certified Archetypal Pattern Analyst, Certified Hakomi Therapist, Masters Addictions Therapist

An invaluable resource!

“Returning to Oneness offers a profound, yet practical guide for the spiritual seeker in navigating and clearing the places where we tend to get stuck in egoic knots. For anyone wanting to live their life with more ease and grace, this guide is an invaluable resource! Highly recommended.”

—Kathy Stanley, MA, Adjunct Lecturer, California Institute of Integral Studies

Profound road map to awakening

“The Keys in Returning to Oneness are a profound road map to awakening. As I followed these seven (now eight) doorways, my life opened to the many layers of Truth these teachings revealed. To this day I am guided by them and find a new understanding at each layer as they are integrated into my daily life. Thank you, Leslie, for bringing these teachings into the world.”

—Jane Bell, Spiritual teacher, guide and mentor

The light at the end of the tunnel

“I am honored to recommend this “small” book. Don’t be deceived by its size. It is one of the most powerful teachings I’ve ever received. I use the Keys of Ascension daily. In my morning meditations I go through each Key, open the pathways of consciousness one by one, and the magic is created. Throughout the day as situations occur, the Keys spontaneously pop into my awareness, reminding me to be present. The door opens. A flood of energy is released. The situation is filled with understanding, and no drama is created.

Highly, highly recommended! Keep it close by you. Read it slowly, one Key at a time. Sit with them individually. Let them live inside you. Then enjoy the magic behind each Key. It will guide you deeply and show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, beloved Leslie.”

—Charu Rachlis, Yoga instructor

A mainstay for my life… a must for all spiritual seekers!

“Returning to Oneness is magical, practical and rooted in Universal Truths. It has been a mainstay for my life since Leslie first taught the principles in the early 2000’s, before the book was published. I continue to use the Keys almost daily as a navigational tool to keep me balanced and centered in the midst of any storm that has come my way emotionally, mentally or physically.

I love how the Keys move you through the subtle energies of the body and how that process opens up the wisdom and energy flows to higher Truths. You truly begin to see how everything you need is inside of you and that Spirit and you are One. This book is a must for all spiritual seekers!”

—Melody Long, RN, MPH, Ordained CoreLight Minister

An evolutionary step forward… and an invaluable tool

“I’ve frequently referred to Leslie Temple Thurston’s Returning to Oneness when working on an issue with a client, friend or myself. When sensing an energy block I’ve muscle tested, then checked with the Seven Keys of Ascension described in detail in the book, they have always shed the light on what was needed to be released in order to take an evolutionary step forward. They’ve truly helped many and been an invaluable tool for those on the spiritual path.”

—Gayle Green, Therapist

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“[Returning to Oneness] seems like a quick read, but packs a punch, let me tell ya. I can’t even find the words to clearly express the impact these Keys have had on my spiritual and energetic evolution. I will just say this: If you have found this book and are reading this: It is time for you to have this wisdom. Read it. Absorb it. It is your time.”


Well written, great for beginners and advanced

“This book is much like its cover. Beautiful and elegant in its simplicity. Well worth anyone’s time, whether on the path, searching for the trailhead, lost in the woods, or drunk on the beach. Happy trails.”

—Daniel C

Great for a beginner mystic

“Excellent read for those walking the path of a mystic.”

—Elizabeth F

Fantastic book

“Another phenomenal book by Leslie Temple-Thurston! A great companion to The Marriage of Spirit.”


Timeless insight

“This book is small but mighty. You can read it front to back or skim it for what is up in your life. There is gentle, timeless wisdom, insight on how to look at things from a different viewpoint, and meditations.”

—Stephanie W

Simply exquisite

“I found this book to be very inspiring and helpful. I thought I was already quite experienced and expressed with the chakras, but Leslie’s writings added more and more dimensions to my awareness and understanding. It’s a short book, simple in some ways, and beautiful!”

—Claire R

A book of few words that offers so much more than its size

“This to me is a working method of clearing accumulations in a rather wonderful way. I recommend it without reservation. It is full of grace and freedom.”