The Marriage of Spirit
Sample Chapters


When Leslie asked me to help her write The Marriage of Spirit, I was deeply honored. I feel very privileged and excited to assist in bringing forward these amazingly simple, powerful, and life-changing principles and techniques. Having worked with them for over ten years, using them myself and teaching them to others in workshops, I have watched them help to illuminate, balance, and transform the lives of thousands of people—including my own—very quickly.

The Marriage of Spirit principles and techniques serve a wide spectrum of purposes: from helping people move beyond apparent limitations; to healing past mental, emotional, and physical traumas; to achieving success and excellence in the material world; to assisting with spiritual growth. They help us transcend the swinging pendulum of consciousness—seemingly uncontrollable patterns of feeling off-balance and trapped in cycles of negativity, anger, pain, and fear which prevent us from living a fulfilled life. (download pdf)

Chapter One—The Story of a Reluctant Mystic

In 1971, I had an experience of such significance that understanding it became my life’s work. During the course of a week that year, I was deluged by a transmission of insight and of access to higher realms of knowledge. In the process I received a gift of spiritual awakening and clairaudience, which I had no way to integrate or understand when the experience was over. Hesitant at first, scared of what people would think and facing possible alienation from my family because of the voice I began to hear in my head – I finally made the only decision I could make. I decided to devote my life to interpreting this voice and to using the knowledge it imparted to assist people in their own enlightenment.

I invite you to consider my story as a frame of reference for the teachings in subsequent chapters of this book, and not as an indication of what you might experience or should be experiencing as a result of reading and using the Marriage of Spirit techniques. My journey was a product of the times and circumstances in which I lived. Chances are, your journey along the continuum of enlightenment will not be the same as mine, and that is as it should be. (download pdf)

Chapter Two—The Alchemy of the Marriage of Spirit

This chapter is essentially an overview of the basic Marriage of Spirit principles to give readers a context for understanding some of the more esoteric concepts which are expanded upon throughout Section One. Here we take a look at: the principle of the unification of opposites and its historical context; the roots of the Marriage of Spirit; the nature of enlightenment; the potential for the new paradigm of spiritual awakening; the practical benefits of what we call processing, which is how we apply the principles to our daily lives; and inviting grace into our lives. (download pdf)

Introduction to Section Two

The unification of opposites techniques are mental tools to help us unravel the knots of the mind. They offer a very fast way to balance our lives and wake up and were given for this particularly accelerated time we are living in. They are age-old principles, truths from the ancient mystery schools and traditions, and have been revamped and streamlined for the modern era.

The following seven chapters progress from the basic method, polarities, to a more evolved level of processing, which includes: the triangles and squares techniques, some advanced applications of the techniques, as well as developing and strengthening the neutral observer, or witness. The methods may seem like simple little diagrams, but they are actually incredibly precise renditions of deep metaphysical laws. (download pdf)

Chapter Eight—Polarities

The polarity processing method is a perfect tool to use to free your self. You can use it to process the polarities involved in experiences that you would like to clear, experiences that are non-productive and self destructive—that you would choose not to have happen again.

When an unpleasant experience has already happened, there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot undo it. But you can take a look at it and clear it. Or you can take steps toward clearing it so that a similar experience does not happen again. So when a bad experience is over and you feel terrible, you realize it did not help you at all, and you say to yourself, “Well, I’m not going to do that again.” At that point, you need to process it. (download pdf)

Chapter Ten — Squares

Some years ago I had chronic fatigue syndrome. After trying many different therapies, which all helped to some extent, I had the distinct feeling that the problems I was having with the body were a process. I saw that the imbalances were mental-emotional overlays to the body, belief systems of a very subtle nature. I knew that I could look deeply into the body and process myself out of them. My rationale was that everything is consciousness, including the body. Processing will shift consciousness; therefore processing will shift the body. I would just have to find the right pieces. That was the hard part, finding the right pieces. I made a list of hundreds of polarities associated with the material plane things like: HEALTH and SICKNESS, OLD and YOUNG, STRONG and WEAK, GRAVITY and LEVITY.

I sat on my bed and resolved not to move until I was successful in shifting my condition. It was during this time that I intuited the squares technique. I filled two or three notebooks in my determination to be healed. It took three weeks, but I found most of the issues. Eventually, after experiencing numerous subtle shifts, the most spectacular came with a square on LIFE and DEATH. This involved looking deeply into the issues of why I DESIRED TO LIVE, why I FEARED LIVING, why I DESIRED TO DIE, and why I FEARED DYING. As I completed the square and did the offering, I felt the meridians, or channels of subtle energy, in the body pop open and the energy begin to flow in the body again. The disability was over, and the cure seemed miraculous. I was sold on the squares technique, as you may imagine. Now I would like to share this technique with you.

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