Stopping the World—A Meditation into Oneness

Stopping the World—A Meditation into Oneness

By Leslie Temple-Thurston

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Right now is “A Moment”—although any moment will do, even tomorrow and all tomorrows.

This present moment and all moments of the Eternal present, is a “now” moment in which you can “stop the world” —and feel the Oneness of your own being as part of the Oneness of life. Decide to stop thinking for a moment, take some deep breaths and enter your soul consciousness—allowing yourself to feel the interconnectedness of all of life.

This is something that you can do with your “feeling” awareness at any time.

Apply your will to feeling/imagining/intuiting the interconnectedness of all of life, then engage your Etheric body which is larger than the physical body and extends out beyond the physical body, becoming one with the whole cosmos, sharing and connecting atoms with all of life as we know it on this earth and beyond, stretching out into the vast reaches of the cosmos.

Go into that vastness and allow your mind to still itself, let go of thought and stop—soon all thought ceases. It could happen in an instant, it could take awhile, but it moves in stages towards the silence and the stillness.

The key to feeling the Oneness is in stopping thought.

…allow everything to slow down and stop. Give over your will to the silence and stillness.

Be patient, in time you will get your awareness to let go of thinking. Simply keep applying the power of your will towards shutting off the thoughts.

It helps if you allow the movement of energy that thoughts are, to cease. This means detaching from the “content or story” of the thoughts, leaving your mind free and empty, allowing stillness to come across your body, mind and emotions.

Now, I want you to open the Cave of Brahman. This is a spot located about three inches behind your third eye in the very middle of your head. Focus on that spot and concentrate on it. After awhile your crown chakra will open and you will begin to connect to the “All That Is.” Be patient, it takes a bit of time.

Now, drop all the boundaries that you hold around you body and in your mind, allowing your body to expand into the vastness of the cosmic life that is all around you.

Use your will to slow everything down, until the world stops. Take your time, it moves slowly. There is no time, really. Time does not exist—only NOW.

After awhile, a beautiful transcendental Light will begin to show itself in your perceptual field, and a unified energy will begin to rush into your body.

Perhaps you will keep your eyes open for a time even as you are without thought, or perhaps they stay closed –or you can try both one after the other—but allow everything to slow down and stop. Give over your will to the silence and stillness.

You are making a conscious choice to stop everything in your life, your thoughts, your desires, your hopes and aspirations, stilling them temporally so that you can merge with Eternity for a few moments.

You can have your life back later, it is not going to go away. But by stopping the world, you can make your divine connection conscious. As you do this you know who you essentially are—so that you have an experience of, and clearly know who you are beyond the ego.

It is stopping your mind that is allowing the world to stop actually. It is the mind that manufactures the world and “LIFE” in each moment. As you choose to let go momentarily, of life and thought, as a focus of all you have known—the mind “will” let go—and all thought ceases temporarily and you are free to experience the Cosmos.

And in the still, quiet moment of this meditation, all that may remain of life is a perception of vast, endless existence.

If you are inside the house, allow your awareness to expand into feeling what is outside—You may hear the birds outside your window, listen and marvel as they continue to sing, or the wind rustling the leaves—whatever may be happening in nature—allow the sounds to pass through your quietness, allowing them to float through the peaceful, still, mind—but to not excite any thoughts; just observation of what is. You are observing what is around you but with no thought.

You have merged stillness and movement, silence and sound, and for a moment all polarities that seem to exist are unified. All extremes are present, and in complete peace with each other.

Soon you will understand that the movement you perceive in daily life is an illusion. Actually all is still, in its essence and its truth, ETERNITY, at its source, is stillness itself.

As the stillness grows, and you are able to continue holding it, you will begin to experience energy and light emanating from everything—radiating everywhere.

It comes from within all the forms of life and from inside your own perception. This light will begin to shine forth from everything you focus on while you are in the state of stillness. You may be able to “see” it, or you may feel it flowing into you, softening and filling your body’s cells.

And along with the stillness there is a kind of perceptible hush all around you—even while nature may be making noises which you may hear, a deep silence is also there. It is inside of you—and both silence and sound are present together.

You have merged stillness and movement, silence and sound, and for a moment all polarities that seem to exist are unified. All extremes are present, and in complete peace with each other. You are in life and in eternity simultaneously. Be at One with it. Linger here as long as you are able.

Notice that beauty is all around you. The energy is pristine and immaculate, unsullied by anything.

No matter if there is a mess in your surroundings, beauty is there in the sense of this Unified Presence—“feel” the potency of life-force that is sustained from within, from the Source, and which is inside everything— in yourself and inside every molecule, every atom of every form you are surrounded by.

And now, if you send your awareness across the earth, beauty is in every form across the length and breadth of the Earth, feel it—all the way through the Earth’s core to its surface—and in the surrounding universe—and its place in the cosmos.

Bless All That Is. And You Are One With It All.