White Lions

The African people hold White Lions as sacred beings who are humanity’s guardians in times of transformation. Their natural and spiritual homeland is the Timbavati region of South Africa, neighboring the Kruger National Park, where snow-white lions were born into wild, golden prides. Unfortunately, the cubs were captured and bred for financial gain, for zoos, circuses, and as canned hunting trophies. Consequently, the White Lions have been technically extinct in the wild since 1993.

The Global White Lion Protection Trust is changing this. The lions on this page are part of a re-introduction program to a protected area within the Timbavati Region. These lions carry a message for us all. To learn more about the white lions roaming free in their natural habitat, go to: www.whitelions.org or www.whitelionshomeland.org.

Star Beings of Africa, White Lions of Timbavati

Star Beings of Africa, The White Lions of Timbavati by Brad Laughlin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License Creative Commons License.

    Delightful Facts About the White Lions

  • White lions are not albinos. They have standard, though at times lighter, pigmentation in their eyes, noses and ears. Their whiteness is the result of a rare recessive gene, similar to blue eyes in humans, which could be a relic of ice ages.
  • In winter, when it does not rain, they become dusty with the brown earth of Africa and resemble tawny lions, although lighter. In spring, when the rains come, it washes off the dust and they turn white again.
  • One day of freedom for a white lion costs R350, approximately $50. This covers actual predation and veterinary costs, anti-poaching activities, fence maintenance, restocking prey-animals, essential habitat management and the cost of monitoring around the clock.
  • The Global White Lion Protection Trust has reintroduced a pride of rehabilitated white lions to semi-free-roaming conditions within their greater endemic habitat—the Greater Timbavati region. They are now hunting for themselves and are self-sufficient.
  • Once white lions have been integrated into the tawny lion populations within their natural distribution range, the natural dynamics of their endemic region, the Greater Timbavati, will be restored.

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White Lion Leadership Academy

Join Linda Tucker, author of Mystery of the White Lions and founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, Leslie Temple-Thurston, Brad Laughlin, Andrew Harvey and other lecturers and supervisors in a three-year program to learn the leadership ways of the White Lions. The course includes distance learning as well as an annual intensive at the White Lion Heritage and Scientific Research Centre—heart of the White Lions’ ancestral territories in South Africa.

  • Learn to:
  • Embody and Impart White Lion Leadership
  • Improve your wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of our planet
  • Become an accredited White Lion Leadership practitioner
  • Learn to incorporate these principles in business, decision making, personal life and for the sustainability of our future.

For more information, download the brochure or email the academy for questions or to register.

Star Beings of Africa, White Lions of Timbavati
Star Beings of Africa, White Lions of Timbavati
Star Beings of Africa, White Lions of Timbavati

May all lions, including white lions, be free and flourish in their natural habitat.
May all humans respect and love the lions' wild integrity.
May lions, including white lions, always be present on Earth.
May we always acknowledge their beauty and power,
And the stability they create within the web of life.
We honor them and send them love.