The Marriage of Spirit


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“This magnificent book rivets an extremely original understanding of the sacred marriage and the complex role of the shadow. It should be in the backpack of every authentic spiritual seeker.”
—Andrew Harvey, spiritual teacher/author, The Hope and Radical Passion

“A wonderful compilation of truths from various perspectives. . . I am sure it will benefit a great many people, and lead us to living fuller and more loving lives.”
—Dorothy Maclean, co-founder of The Findhorn Foundation

The Marriage of Spirit is the bible of non-duality! Ultra-clear explanations of how we hold polarities in our awareness fields. I recommend it to everyone I mentor as a ‘must read’.”
—Lucia Rene, spiritual teacher/author, Unplugging the Patriarchy

“CoreLight has made a huge difference in my life in the past four years. Classes taught by Leslie and Brad and working specifically with The Marriage of Spirit book have been profoundly transformational. Unlike some spiritual groups, CoreLight is willing to look at the big picture of the global crisis rather than avoiding it, and not only look, but utilize what’s happening externally to help us heal the inner world, so that outer and inner are joined for personal and planetary transformation.”
—Carolyn Baker, Ph.D., author of Dark Gold: The Human Shadow And The Global Crisis, and co-author with Andrew Harvey of Return To Joy and Savage Grace.

“Integrating the multitude of physical, mental, and emotional experiences of modern life may be a difficult undertaking, but this beautiful book by Leslie Temple-Thurston and Brad Laughlin offers a way through the confusion. Based on Temple-Thurston’s transformational workshops, The Marriage of Spirit combines modern psychological techniques with ancient wisdom practices that help people to let go of self-limiting habits. This work is a succinct, step-by-step guide to processing difficult life situations and releasing the grips they hold on us.”
—The Institute of Noetic Sciences

“Leslie Temple-Thurston (with Brad Laughlin) has really written a true course in awakening to assist us in living in the Aquarian Age, that expanded consciousness that marks the next step in humanity’s evolution. . . . The Marriage of Spirit casts a discerning light on a path that many of us are struggling to find along the way to experiencing the wholeness of our true self.”
—Spirit of Change Magazine

“A very deep exploration of the ingredients required to evolve a soul more quickly. The reason this book is so important is that it can save you decades of time! I love this book and highly recommend it.”
—Sondra Ray, founder of Loving Relationships Training and author of 19 books

The Marriage of Spirit is one of those rare books that you recognize as Spiritual treasure if you are walking or teaching the mystic path. Leslie Temple-Thurston embraces those levels that are highest and deepest with great love, passion, clarity and wisdom. Difficult concepts like non-dual awareness become simple in her experiential embrace. The Marriage of Spirit is poetic and practical. It is the union of heaven and earth. My heart embraces her Essence and the work Spirit is bringing through her. We will be using The Marriage of Spirit in a seven week series, and will be bringing Leslie Temple-Thurston to do an intensive at Unity of Tustin.”
—Rev. Marj Britt, Unity Minister

“I continue to be stunned by the power of The Marriage of Spirit process in my life and in the lives of others. I began studying and doing this work three years ago and have experienced extraordinary results. As I apply the techniques, deep healings and amazing inner shifts take place that produce nearly instantaneous (but long lasting) changes in my life. I’ve never experienced anything like this. It truly is life transformational… The book is masterfully written; the processes lead you into the deepest realms of your consciousness and then balance and clear the way for the Higher Self to be revealed and expressed. This is a holy and sacred work; I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”
—Linda A. Morrow Spencer, Unity Minister

“The Marriage of Spirit is the next best thing to personally experiencing the enlightened being that Leslie Temple-Thurston is! It is practical mysticism at its best with experiential processes to clear the ego and discover the depths of your soul. Use step-by-step methods to develop your neutral witness self, gain insight regarding your personal stories through polarity processing, and understand how everything is a projection of yourself. All this from a spiritual perspective and without psycho-babble! This book has great material on which to base a series of Sunday messages followed by a short or long term processing group. If you want to go beyond mental science to mysticism OR if you just want to learn how to live your life centered in peace, wisdom, and love, this book is for you.”
—Rev. Brendalyn Bachelor, Unity Church of Santa Fe

“…I have used and taught this method for five years with practitioners of all the great traditions. We have found The Marriage of Spirit processing method immensely useful in working with the core beliefs that separate us from our true relationship with the Divine. I highly, highly recommend this book.”
—Raymond Diaz N.D., co-founder of the Opening to Life Center, Portland, Oregon

“…incorporating ancient sources from Taoism to Gnosticism, the philosophy and techniques presented here handyhülle bedruckenweb are filtered through modern psychological thought … and are explained in compassionate detail.”
—NAPRA Review

“[A book that] is calm and clear, and should be welcome to many spiritual seekers. Recommended.”
Library Journal