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The following audio files (including written transcripts/articles when available), are offered in loving service, as our gift to you. The offerings will change from time to time. You can listen to the audio file simply by clicking on the title. Or to save the file to your computer, you can (for mac) control click on the title, or (for windows) right click on the title and save target/link as to download.

The teachings are priceless, and the Light is freely given.

“Spiritual Weather Report” with Leslie, Brad and Anna Breytenbach (The Animal Communicator)

We are happy to offer you the audio gift of our August 13, 2017 virtual gathering, which was an especially delightful and powerful event. Our friend, Anna Breytenbach, the world-renowned animal communicator, was our guest speaker, and she shared a profound story with us. When we show compassion for animals, our example has the power to help open others’ hearts — even those who are most guarded and seemingly cold. This is a critical lesson for us all during a time when our world is suffering from such a lack of love. If you are unfamiliar with Anna’s work, give yourself the gift of watching the free online video made about her work, The Animal Communicator, or the 13-minute segment about Spirit the black leopard, which went viral and has over six million hits. Enjoy!

“Wings of Flight” Meditation by Leslie Temple-Thurston

Leslie takes us on a beautiful, soaring journey of letting go, spreading our “inner wings” and rising above the intense stresses of life on planet Earth. Thanks to Dolph Ana Ya for the music and to Lisa Smole for editing a recording of a live event with Leslie.

“The Diamond Meditation” by Leslie Temple-Thurston

This inspiring, uplifting, 13-minute guided meditation is set to beautiful music and offers comfort and inner peace in knowing that we are timeless, eternal, luminous beings. Click here to download. Thanks to Dolph Ana Ya for the music and to Lisa Smole for editing a recording of a live event with Leslie.

“The Power and Beauty of Indigenous Wisdom” with Leslie Temple-Thurston, Brad Laughlin, Victoria More and Guest Speaker, Andrew Harvey

We are pleased to present another powerful audio recording from our most recent session of A Forum for a Tipping Point, CoreLight’s ongoing course which is dedicated to collaborative global healing and transformation. Our beloved friend, Andrew Harvey, shares the inspiring story of his own journey of discovering indigenous wisdom and of the importance of Sacred Activism, which he defines as “the transforming force of wisdom, love and compassion-in-action to affect radical change in the world”. We also invite you to watch two powerful and inspiring videos about indigenous wisdom in which Andrew interviews Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Bob Randall, who is also known as the Australian Dalai Lama.

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible with Leslie Temple-Thurston, Brad Laughlin, Victoria More and Guest Speaker, Charles Eisenstein

We are pleased to present the audio recording from our recent session of A Forum for a Tipping Point, CoreLight’s ongoing course which is dedicated to collaborative global healing and transformation. Please join us for an inspiring and creative exploration with our dear friend, Charles Eisenstein, as he shares new insights he’s had regarding “tipping points and near-term extinction from the perspective of the Gaian mind.” As we know from past experience, Charles is an inspiring and innovative explorer of consciousness, who is most at home when way outside of the box! This exciting discussion will definitely open up hearts and minds to new potentials in our ongoing journey of human evolution. The audio includes a beginning and ending guided meditation by Brad Laughlin.

Leslie Temple-Thurston and Brad Laughlin interview and guided meditation with The Shift Network’s Summer of Peace on July 13, 2014

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. When we enter the field of unconditional love, aggression and violence cannot be sustained, and peace becomes possible. Leslie and Brad are interviewed by David Nichol of The Shift Network and co-lead a guided mediation on using love as a way to disarm conflict anywhere in the world. The Summer of Peace is a free online summit designed to transform conflict in your heart, in your relationships and in the world. Click here to download and listen to this talk and guided meditation.

Brad Laughlin Interviewed on BeSimply Radio

Brad Laughlin is interviewed by Suzanne Toro of BeSimply Radio about many interesting spiritual topics, including: Seeds of Light, our humanitarian work with South Africa’s AIDS orphans; our sacred activism work with white lions and elephants; the importance of giving, love and compassion; and the sacredness of the Earth and the animal kingdom.

Ending Competitiveness between Women Can Help the World Survive

Collaboration Between Women Supports Global Change

We have reached the moment in time when as many women as possible need to be made aware of the way in which they compete with other women. This phenomenon is hugely present in almost every woman in the Western world, just as it is with men. Competitiveness in women is usually fairly covert, disguised, taken for granted. Competition is so second nature that even the woman herself is unconscious of the fact that she is doing it! Yet, if a woman is sensitive and has good inter-personal skills and cares about her relationships with others, she can usually feel the tonality of that particular energy—and respond to it, especially if someone draws her attention to it and makes her aware of it. This indicates that many women are ready to shift this issue now.

Right click (windows) or Control click (mac) to download Ending Competitiveness between Women Can Change the World as a pdf.

The Journey From Money To Love

During this time of the Great Shift, we are happy to offer you a free audio recording of a recent interview with Brad Laughlin by Solané Verraine. Thank you to Solané for this recording. Visit her website, to learn more about the Living Satsang or Merging Money and Soul.

You can download and listen to the interview, which includes topics such as:

  • The shift from the Age of Patriarchy to a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness, and what money looks like in these two eras
  • What enlightened models of a new economy may look like
  • How the shift from the old to the new begins within, and how to accomplish that
  • The need to deal with the “shadow of money” and what that is
  • How Money is Love
  • Laws of “Authentic Abundance”

What is Enlightenment?

There are many moments of awakening on the path to enlightenment, according to Leslie Temple-Thurston. Click here to listen online or right click (control click on a mac) and save link/target as to download the recording of her discussion with Lucia René, author of Unplugging the Patriarchy—A Mystical Journey into the Heart of a New Age. The discussion covers various aspects of the journey to enlightenment, including how to stay balanced during today’s changing times.

The Journey From Entitlement to Enlightenment

This live recording, including a question and answer session with Leslie Temple-Thurston and Brad Laughlin was part of the Rev4Ev series. Thank you Whispering Energy for hosting the series. Some of the topics discussed are: what is Samadhi, how to find balance and stop the wild “high/low” swings of the ego, the nature of loneliness, and creating a tipping point to shift global consciousness.

Right click (windows) or control click (mac) and save as to download the recording.

Welcome to A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic and Leslie Temple-Thurston

Right click here (windows) or control click here (mac) and save as to download the recording of Leslie’s conversation with host Lance White, Zany Mystic, from the BBS internet radio.

Some of the topics explored include:

Conscious Awareness Meditation

This is a fifteen-minute guided meditation for rejuvenation both of the physical body and all the subtle energy bodies. It will take you into stillness and into an expanded state where transcendental light can enter through your crown chakra, illuminating your light body and quieting the mind. If held for longer, the stillness offers increased potential for letting go and shifting internal mental/emotional issues and transcending tiredness. Practicing this short meditation prepares you for ascension and Samadhi or just being more present with life in its simplest essence. It fills the body with energy, light and higher awareness.

Conscious Awareness Meditation

The Seven Portals of Spiritual Awakening—Portal One: Building Your Light

In this discourse and discussion with Leslie Temple-Thurston and the audience, Leslie shares different ways of increasing the flow of light and energy into your system and about how to use the light to fuel your Self-discovery. This first portal (available to download as mp3s disc 01 and disc 02) includes information about different stages you “pass through” on the journey to awakening, the value of processing, what to avoid doing during certain “phases” of the journey in order to have the energy (transcendental light) to reach samadhi.

The is the first portal in a series of seven portals, each of which carefully defines several of the most important aspects of Self-discovery. The course is designed to support the inner growth and spiritual clarity of individuals preparing to enter the state of samadhi, a state of conscious connection to Source and Oneness. While each portal stands alone sharing powerful insights on an important aspect of the journey of Self-discovery, the complete series of the Seven Portals of Spiritual Awakening is available to purchase at our webstore.

Dissolution and Rebirth

Dissolution and Rebirth have a large part to play on the path to Self-Realization as we learn to let go and dissolve repeatedly. With each dissolution, a doorway in consciousness opens, and it is possible to reform in a new way and to become more whole. Here Leslie Temple-Thurston offers helpful techniques for this process of transformation. Dissolution and Rebirth is part of the Spiritual Warrior Training Program.

“A Time for New Dreams”

The following are two audio excepts read by Leslie Temple-Thurston from A time for New Dreams, a book by Nigerian poet and author Ben Okri.

“Heaven knows we need poetry now more than ever. We need the awkward truth of poetry. We need its indirect insistence on the magic of listening….” Listen to the reading online or download a mp3 of the chapter, Poetry and Life.

“There is no mystery about the decline of nations. It begins with the decline of its writers. Its first symptom is the nation’s failure to celebrate its writers. Why is this so? Because writers represent the unconscious vigour and fighting spirit of a land….” Listen to the reading online or download a mp3 of the a section from the chapter, Writers and Nations.

Kuan YinTaraGaneshGanesh, Tara and Kuan Yinmudra with golden river