A Foretaste of December 21, 2012—The Harmonic Convergence of 1987

By Leslie Temple-Thurston


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The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was an event that shifted the general level of vibration of the world and advanced my own awakening. When it was first publicly proposed by Jose Arguelles, he presented it as a “foretaste” of the great shift of December 21, 2012. You don’t remember it? Well read on. Here is my story regarding this great event. I felt that I should tell it now because I believe that it sends a significant message to everyone about being ready for what is almost upon us.

Initially, I had been fairly skeptical about what author Jose Arguelles said regarding the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012, and what that might mean for the world. Back then, December 21, 2012 seemed like a really long way away. I was equally skeptical about the publicity he was putting out for an event taking place in August 1987, something he called the “Harmonic Convergence” which was a lead-up to the global shift he claimed would happen on December 21, 2012. However, I became a believer in Arguelles’ message regarding December 21, 2012 based on the profoundly transformative experience that I had had in 1987, at the time of the Harmonic Convergence. I hope that by sharing my experience you will be inspired.

I had been guided to look at the structure of the ego very deeply, and that knowledge had helped me find the doorways out of the ego—and had led to my awakening in 1988.

It happened 21 years ago and coincided roughly with the mid-point of what I call my “cave experience”, a time when I was acutely attuned to Spirit, meditating a lot and at least partially awake, so that I was ripe to get the most from it. In retrospect I have to say that I was, and still am, extremely grateful that I had decided to participate in the Harmonic Convergence. Here is my story.

Ever since I began spiritual teaching in 1989, the message about the shift of December 21, 2012, has been received by people with a variety of reactions. While there were those who heard me, others expressed skepticism, doubt, denial, judgment, sloth and more. There are many who listened when I spoke of it, and who may have even believed me, but since it felt like there were so many years to make ready, they were in procrastination about it.

In the 1980s many Light Workers of the world had just begun receiving messages about this future time through the Ascended Masters, and I was aware of this whole movement, accepting that what they were saying was true because I also have had a profound connection to the Ascended Masters myself over the years. However, I was teaching a more traditional Eastern-oriented spirituality with a Western psychological approach that brought in the Jungian concept of shadow work as an integral part of understanding and releasing the human ego. Understanding and letting go of the ego are a fast and surefire way to wake up, and most light workers were not doing ego work back then. So here our paths digressed. I had been guided to look at the structure of the ego very deeply, and that knowledge had helped me find the doorways out of the ego—and had led to my awakening in 1988.

However, I would like to go back to the subject of the Harmonic Convergence again, and share what happened to me during those three or four days in August 1987. It was a very helpful and “enlightening” experience to say the least. I want to share it because if it is true that it was a foretaste of the shift we have been told about that will happen on December 21, 2012, we are all going to want to be fully prepared for it.

My experience in 1987 certainly solidified for me the authenticity of the claims made by Jose Arguelles regarding the potential that the convergence offered to the world.

The Harmonic Convergence took place during my “cave experience” in 1987. I was about midway through the two-year period of near-complete seclusion that led to the final breakthrough in consciousness that freed me from ego, allowed me the realization of who I am, and deepened the awareness of Oneness and the true nature of the world we live in. In fact it paved the way for the breakthrough awakening that took place eight months later, in April 1988, the time of my awakening. It happened like this:

One day in late July 1987, while out on one of my rare food-shopping expeditions in Los Angeles, I picked up one of the free, New Age newspapers often offered in health food stores. I found myself being drawn to the front-page story of the upcoming Harmonic Convergence event. I recognized the author‘s name, Jose Arguelles, because I had read and appreciated one of his books on sacred art.

He was inviting people to gather together, meditate and do ceremonies over several days (if my memory is correct they were the 16th and 17th of August 1987), during which a rare planetary alignment was to take place, which would create a powerful doorway in consciousness. He claimed that any individual who participated would be blessed with an energetic shift, amongst other things. This struck me as a rather interesting idea, since I had been spending most of each day in meditation for the past 18 months and was pretty well acquainted with energetic shifts! I found myself wondering how he could guarantee this, and so continued to read on. He then predicted that the Ascended Masters were going to give people who participated in the event a foretaste of the energetic changes that would be taking place in the world during the time of the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012.

Arguelles based his expertise and authority on the ancient Mayan Calendar, which I had never heard of and which was a bit too complicated for me to grasp at the time, so I reserved my judgment about it for the time being. He then explained that the event he was proposing everyone should participate in, the Harmonic Convergence, was preceding the big Mayan Calendar event by 25 years.

I have since learned that the ancient Mayans had many calendars as part of their culture. Nowadays when people speak about “the Mayan calendar”, they are referring to the Mayan “Long Count” calendar, which is a cycle of approximately 5,125 years. The end date of the current Long Count calendar is December 21, 2012. This is, of course, the time of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere. On this date an extremely rare event will take place: the Earth, the Sun and the center of our Milky Way galaxy will be in an exact alignment. Like the Harmonic Convergence, it is predicted that a doorway in consciousness will be opened on and around that time.

Arguelles went on to explain who the Mayan people were—that they were and still are, a tribe of Indians living on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. Their ascendancy took place hundreds of years ago, with a flourishing civilization. They were pyramid builders from ancient times, and were and still are, the record keepers of time, with their amazing and complex calendars. This was a very interesting discovery to me. I had seen pictures of the pyramids, but never visited the Yucatan peninsula to see them firsthand.

Arguelles stressed that the ancient Mayan calendar end-date of December 21, 2012, was a message of great significance to humanity. I immediately realized there were correlations between this date and certain key dates that my guides had spoken to me about in the early 80s. I had been holding this information and these dates in my mind, waiting for some sort of logical explanation of their purpose.

Reading this information was certainly interesting, and I began to connect the dots inwardly. However, despite the fact that Arguelles had grabbed my attention, a part of me remained surprisingly skeptical. I did not understand yet what this was all about.

During meditation a day or so later, my inner guides spoke telepathically and suggested that I might like to participate in the event that was being planned. They did not offer anything specific, although they hinted that it might be to my advantage to participate. They even suggested that I could go to a power spot during that time, just as Jose Arguelles had recommended. They left the decision up to me, and my skepticism stopped me from making any plans to go anywhere. I had been in my solitary cave for many months and felt that I had everything I could possibly need spiritually just by staying home.

…this new “I” sat in Samadhi completely still and present, eyes open and my being merged simultaneously with the Cosmos, landscape, sounds and visuals around me…. I was completely one with everything.

Reading the article had certainly elicited some level of excitement in my awareness, which I watched closely and with interest. Yet, even though the article was interesting and had helped me understand some of Spirit’s important messages and clues regarding the future, I was not, as yet, grasping how important these messages were, with regard to the future that humanity is now facing.

I hesitated because my spiritual training had never been “New Age”, but rather more traditional, being an eclectic blend of meditation, the four yogic paths, and spiritual psychology. Plus, because I had been a complete loner during this period of seclusion of my cave experience, I was rather disinterested in ceremonies that involved other people. So to the reclusive soul that I was in those days, it all sounded like a bit of a stretch to go dashing off through the Los Angeles traffic to a power spot for three days. Once again, I decided that I had everything I needed right where I was, sitting in meditation for many hours each day and having amazing and progressive experiences. Why would I want to go and gather with others? I could not see at all what was there for me. Yet I was curious and decided to partake in the event from my home and watch what happened.

As the days passed, a great clarity and expansiveness was developing within my awareness, and as we drew closer to mid-August, around the time of my birthday (the 12th), I found that amazingly I could “see” into my own subtle body. It was as though the physical body had become somewhat transparent, and I could see into its spiritual anatomy! Specifically, I was able to see aspects of my subtle body that prior to this time, I had only read about and had been able only to feel and to understand at a mental level.

The aspects of the spiritual anatomy I was able to see are known in the ancient Sanskrit language as: the ida, the pingala, and the shushumna. The shushumna is the luminous core of enlightenment within each one of us. It corresponds roughly to the spine and is the source of all of the chakras in the human body. When we tap into it in deep meditation, we connect with the core of our very being, our essence, and we experience a transcendent, illumined, blissful state of awareness, which in Sanskrit is known as samadhi. In Judeo-Christian terminology, this state is referred to as “the peace which passeth all understanding”.

The ida and pingala form a double-helix, which surrounds the shushumna, and in my new state of awareness I was able to see very clearly their spiraling and flowing around the shushumna, which obscured the shushumna. I could feel the luminous shushumna energy flowing vertically upward from the root chakra to the crown chakra, enlivening my awareness to some extent, yet I could not see the shushumna visually in the way I could see the ida and the pingala.

A couple of days later I suddenly became acutely aware of what seemed to me to be the way in which the spiraling helix of these two energy flows was holding my consciousness in a state of separation. This was an intensely painful emotional observation, and I grappled with it for several days, praying and begging to be let out of what now appeared to be a cage in which my awareness was trapped.

A part of Jose Arguelles’ article about the Harmonic Convergence concerned beings whom he called “The Lords of Light”, a term I had never heard before. I reread the article. If I remember correctly now, he said that they were going to open the doors of perception and lift the veils that keep people on Earth in separation, but only for all those who chose to participate in the event, and only for those three days.

My lifestyle with its rigorous, daily spiritual practice had silenced thought and opened awareness. Thus as a result of the many months of silence, processing of shadow and meditation, I was beginning to feel the effects of this shift several days before the official beginning of the event. The veils were beginning to lift.

A day or two before the Harmonic Convergence, I was able to witness visually the double-helix of the ida and pingala, which I had been struggling to let go of, begin to dissolve right before my eyes. This seeing was happening with what seemed to be my physical eyes—eyes that now had the ability to see into the transparency of my subtle physical body! And as the double-helix began to dissolve gradually and easily, I had the momentous experience of being ushered in consciousness, slowly, step-by-step over several hours, into the vastness of the Cosmos. My wish had been granted! Oh God, how amazing it felt!!

Silence! Freedom! Vast Eternal Timelessness! It was a field such as I had not felt before—a field of boundlessness. All past experiences of Oneness paled by comparison to this one. So sweet! Verbalizing it cannot truly do it justice, but as it was happening, it was such joy to be out of what seemed to be a kind of straight jacket. I was out of the insanity of the enclosed ego space of human separation. I was out of prison!

What a relief! I believe that when someone dies, they have this experience as they leave the confines of the physical body.

The only energetic correlation that I can offer those of you who have not had this experience yet, is a scene from the movie Contact. It is the scene where the main character, played by Jodie Foster, having traveled through a series of worm holes, finally arrives at what appears to be the center of a galaxy and has a moment of touching Eternity. She does this in her own way in the movie. I did not have the same visuals with this first taste of Eternity; the visuals came a few months later. But I experienced a feeling similar to what she expresses in the movie.

The similarity is that she reaches a knowing of something beyond herself that she cannot clearly explain to anyone, but she experiences being so certain of this “something” that she has now found, that she cannot deny it, even when she speaks to others about it, who scorn her and are complete disbelievers.

Anyhow, there is more; the story goes on. The day before the official beginning of the Harmonic Convergence, I was sitting in meditation, and my guides were again asking me if I wanted to go to a power spot. After vacillating for an agonizing hour, I decided to drive to Sedona, Arizona.

It was already fairly late in the afternoon, and Sedona was at least a six-hour drive from Los Angeles. Hastily making a phone reservation at a hotel in Sedona, I packed a small suitcase, and with building excitement, hopped onto Interstate 10 for the long drive ahead. My loosely held plan was to get to the sunrise ceremony, which I had read was happening at the Airport Mesa in Sedona.

It was close to sunset as my small, trusty car left the edges of the city and moved deeper into the desert. This felt like a pilgrimage. Watching the sunset unfurl its dramatic and vivid colors in stages towards a deepening darkness, I was in a state of ecstasy. There was a new energy in the air, and I was very happy to catch this wave and be part of opening new doorways in consciousness on my journey towards wholeness.

Taking what on the map appeared to be a short-cut but actually wasn’t, put me on a dirt road somewhere in Arizona, and after an indeterminate time in the darkness of the moonless night, somewhere on a hill, I had to stop. The energy was so meditative and I was so expanded that I could no longer drive. Dissolving into Eternity, I finally went unconscious.

I woke to sunshine on my face in the middle of nowhere, as a car pulled up beside me to see if I was okay—the first one to pass in many hours. I was feeling incredibly expanded and free, and sat gazing for quite awhile across a vast valley at the desert landscape stretching into a pristine infinity below. The landscape mirrored my consciousness, being expansive and quite lovely in its late summer garb. Subtle color flowed like a river through cactus beds into stands of green cottonwoods. The feeling was sublime and evoked being reborn into a new world.

Gratitude flowed, and I offered thanks to my guides, who had outdone themselves this time. Their gifts were always astonishing. By encouraging me to venture out of my safe little nest in the city and into this landscape of eternity, they had taken me on an inner journey that exactly mirrored the beauty of this outer journey. But this was just the beginning; there is more.

Realizing that I had obviously missed the sunrise gathering and ceremony at the Airport Mesa and yet feeling the perfection of my experience, I continued on towards Sedona, arriving an hour or two later. The hotel recommended by a friend was perfect—its lush gardens stretched green along the banks of the lively river singing across the rocks, and bounded by many cottonwoods. My soul responded immediately to the place. It held a perfect vibration for me. Since it was too early to get into my room, a large, overstuffed, wingback chair in a secluded corner of the deserted lounge welcomed me. I sat down, only to be drawn immediately back into meditation.

After melting into the chair, my crown chakra (immediately over my head) turned into a spiraling vortex and began to ascend way, way up into the lighted heavens. It slowly spun my awareness up and up and into Infinity, and there was a kind of subtle sound that accompanied the spiraling energy, cosmic chords of a faintly tinkling, electronic nature, which was hauntingly beautiful. Either I was going through a wormhole or my whole egoic structure was unwinding; maybe both.

It is almost impossible to describe the state that engulfed me because it was so abstract. I lost all awareness of the physical lounge around me and moved very easily into the cosmic vastness. The experience continued for at least an hour, and I was once again in the Oneness, melted and completely smoothed down. Not a thought stirred in my mind. All was vast, eternal timelessness.

With perfect timing, a sure sign that the Divine is present, I returned from the experience just as the young man who had been at the reception desk came to let me know that my room was ready.

The three days that I spent in Sedona were a cosmic dream-holiday like no other, all because of the energies available and because of my receptivity to them. I was in an extremely altered state the entire time—a state best described as a spiritual rapture.

I did not leave the hotel grounds and never connected with any groups at all. Instead, I sat by the river all day in a blissful state of samadhi. There were benches on the grass under the trees along the riverbank, and this new “I” sat in samadhi completely still and present, eyes open. I merged simultaneously with the cosmos, landscape, sounds and visuals around me. The water sparkled, gurgled and whooshed as it bounced and surged over the rocks. I was completely one with everything.

In the lazy softness of the summer afternoons, the cicadas in the cottonwood trees buzzed in waves, up and then down the river, reaching a crescendo for a minute, then fading away into silence, completely transporting me. There was no difference between the flow of the inner sound current and the outer sounds of the cicadas.

The hotel restaurant was a delightfully small wooden building set right next to the river, under the shade of the cottonwoods. I ate only one meal a day, at lunchtime, and in a state of samadhi. I had never before held a samadhi while eating. The food was gourmet and felt completely nurturing, while the sweet experience of eating on the very private deck overlooking the water was completely fulfilling. I was in paradise.

I had had flashes of samadhi in the past, dotted here and there throughout the years of spiritual practice, but this three-day Harmonic Convergence brought samadhi fully into my life forever more.

After leaving Sedona when the three days were over, the exalted state that had been given to me faded to some extent. But it was not lost altogether, and I was never the same old person again. Not long after returning to my “cave” in Los Angeles, I realized that I had acquired the ability to go into samadhi at will, rather than waiting for it to arrive due to some random situation. In other words samadhi was there if I chose to access it, something that had never happened before. This was the beginning of what was to become a life-changing direction to my life.

The Harmonic Convergence changed everything. I felt quite different, and a new phase in the spiritual journey began. I felt much closer to enlightenment. Yet I knew I was not quite there yet. The nature of the guidance that came through changed in some subtle ways, and a deeper clean-up of personal ego took place. Things became easier, whereas before they had been deeply challenging at certain times. My mood was most often ecstatic.

I found myself directed out into the world slightly more often than before the Harmonic Convergence, but not that much compared to “normal” human standards. I would go to a Japanese Restaurant sometimes to eat lunch, or take walks in a close-by park or through the open-air mall in Santa Monica. I did nothing that my guides did not agree to. They were showing me the way to enlightenment, because I knew that I could not get there by myself. I did not know the way.

I did not mind this “giving over” to them one bit now, and I did it with joy—whereas earlier on in this enlightenment process, I had chafed against it sometimes. By now, being surrendered to their guidance had become a way of life; I had been doing it for a couple of years by the time of the Harmonic Convergence.

Allowing guidance to show the way forward had worked out over and over, and I could not help but trust it completely, since my guides had never let me down. And even though in the early days of “giving over” they had taken me on a few wild rides, the experiences had in some way always proved completely fruitful in the end. But I must stress here that I did not act like a passive dummy with them; I always used my own discernment and intuition as well, and my heart had to sanction what they were asking of me. At times it even felt risky, but if my heart said that the request was genuine and if I could intuit it would be productive, I went for it.

The Harmonic Convergence had proved extremely fruitful in advancing my state along the several-year continuum towards enlightenment. I believe that I would not have progressed that fast without it.

The final passages that instituted “enlightenment” unfolded over the next eight months, with a final consummation that happened in April of 1988, in another experience that I will write about another time—birthing a state that has never faded.

I offer this story to remind you that the Harmonic Convergence was promised as a foretaste of what may potentially happen on a much greater scale around the time of December 21, 2012. We are being brought towards a time that may offer each of us more than what happened in August of 1987. However, your readiness is of paramount importance here.

I see that the pre-December 21, 2012 shifts of energy are taking us, right now, along a continuum of awakening, but the power of your experience depends on how ready you are for it. The beginner’s date with December 21, 2012 will merely be an initiation. But for the advanced student it could be completion of the journey to enlightenment.

I see that the pre-2012 shifts of energy are taking us, right now, along a continuum of awakening, but the power of the experience each person has depends on how ready they are for it. For the beginner, the date we have with 12/21/2012 will merely be an initiation. But for the advanced student it could be completion of the journey to enlightenment.

The Harmonic Convergence brought initiation to many souls new to the path of spiritual practice. Many of my students had their first taste of Spirit at one of the ceremonies or gatherings in power spots that had been recommended for us to join. Others have reported in retrospect that even though they didn’t know much about the Harmonic Convergence and were not on a spiritual path at the time, they remember going through a significant life change at that time. So, while it was not my destiny to be part of a group at that time, it benefited many, many people.

Dr. David Hawkins, as described in his book, Power versus Force, has been able to measure with the technique of Kinesiology the vibration of the population of the world. He found that after the Harmonic Convergence, the global vibration had risen above any level ever previously known to our civilization. The shift that occurred during those three days in August of 1987 affected the vibration of the whole planet to the extent that soon after, there were several major planetary changes.

You may remember that many things happened around the world not too long after August of 1987, including: 1) the Berlin Wall came down, 2) Brazil shifted from a dictatorship to a democracy, 3) Nelson Mandela was released from prison and South Africa’s Apartheid system came apart, leading to its first democratic election, and 4) the Communist regime of the USSR disintegrated in the climate of Glasnost. People were amazed at the extent of the positive things that happened around the world.

This is the stuff that your dreams of enlightenment are made of. My message is a strong and simple one: If you work on yourself and intensify your dedication, your personal journey will bear fruit—and everyone on the planet, including the planet itself, will benefit. God knows our Mother Earth needs a miracle now! December 21, 2012 could be the doorway that will help create the tipping point in human consciousness that will create the miracle!!

Those who do not believe and who poo-poo what this is about will not experience much of anything. That is the way things work. It’s not that these things I have spoken of don’t happen; it is that people who do not believe and are not open to them do not experience them. We get what we choose—there is no objective reality. I had someone tell me recently that December 21, 2012 would be a mere blip on the screen. For him that is exactly what it will be. Perhaps unbeknownst to him what he is choosing is what it will be, and thus he will find that he is right about it being a blip—just because it is what he is creating.

All light beings are very present with support for those who choose to advance, and they will help you advance profoundly if you will let the advancement in.

The final reminder: The more prepared you are, the more of an advancement you will experience.

See you there! Let’s all join together in meditation on December 21, 2012—wherever you are—and help create a tipping point in consciousness that may create a miracle for the Earth and humanity!!

©2008 Leslie Temple-Thurston, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
All rights reserved. You may use or reproduce as long as the text is unaltered and appropriately credited.


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