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South Africa: The Story of Fifty Years of Horrendous Abuse that Finally Collapsed—into Peace!

By Leslie Temple-Thurston

South Africa’s story of suffering and transformation, goodwill and ultimately, liberation has profound relevance for the world—and especially the US—at this time. Almost unbelievably after 50 years of enslavement, murder, extreme bullying, abuse and bloodshed towards the indigenous people in South Africa, the horrendous story of Apartheid finally ended in 1994 with the election of Nelson Mandela. Seemingly miraculous changes were able to take place, and finally, the suffering ended. This story held the world spellbound in its own time, and is an example for us all today! Read or download the complete article.

Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree: A Story of Overcoming Loss and Deprivation by Practicing Gratitude – An Excerpt from the Book, Returning to Oneness—Seven Keys of Ascension

by Leslie Temple-Thurston

Loss is only a perception of the limited mind. One year in the early 1980s I had worked quite late on Christmas Eve and had to drive a couple of hours down the Interstate to my apartment. Although I had never spent Christmas alone, due to my circumstances that year, I was destined to be spending Christmas on my own and had done nothing about it—made no preparations or anything. I had no furniture either, since I had just moved into the apartment. Somehow it felt like I was being set up to have quite possibly a most depressing holiday. Even though it was late, I thought, “Well, I’ll just go down to the local Christmas tree lot and see if I can get a tree.” It was already 8:30 p.m. The attendant was closing the gate as I got there, and the lot was empty of people and trees. Read or download the complete article.

Collaboration Between Women Supports Global Change

by Leslie Temple-Thurston

We have reached the moment in time when as many women as possible need to be made aware of the way in which they compete with other women. This phenomenon is hugely present in almost every woman in the Western world, just as it is with men. Competitiveness in women is usually fairly covert, disguised, taken for granted. Competition is so second nature that even the woman herself is unconscious of the fact that she is doing it! Yet, if a woman is sensitive and has good inter-personal skills and cares about her relationships with others, she can usually feel the tonality of that particular energy—and respond to it, especially if someone draws her attention to it and makes her aware of it. This indicates that many women are ready to shift this issue now. Read or download the complete article.

A foretaste of December 21, 2012—The Harmonic Convergence of 1987

An Experience by Leslie Temple-Thurston

The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was an event that shifted the general level of vibration of the world and advanced my own awakening. When it was first publicly proposed, by Jose Arguelles, he presented it as a “foretaste” of the great shift of 2012. You don’t remember it? Well read on. Here is my story regarding this great event. I felt that I should tell it now because I believe that it sends a significant message to everyone about being ready for what is almost upon us, already developing in fact, and what is soon to come. Read or download the complete article.

Anchoring Heaven on Earth—Why Processing Work Makes our Journey Easier

by Leslie Temple-Thurston

Article first published in Odyssey Magazine, 2003

On the journey of awakening, there is always another doorway in front of us. And spirit’s invitation to us to step through it, is always assured. These are doorways of perception. They form an endless succession of opportunities to expand into other levels of consciousness. They also represent a quickening of our vibration—essentially, an ascension. If we are receptive enough to see them, and surrendered enough to pass through, we will find ourselves, amazingly, growing into more of ourselves. Read or download the complete article.

Embodying Your Authentic Self

by Leslie Temple-Thurston

Article first published in New Connexions Magazine, 2008

As 2012 fast approaches, we as seekers of Truth, need to examine how we have taken for granted and are quite attached to our “God-given way of life” and how it is no longer serving us. The American dream has become the American nightmare. The Western way of life has held us in a very seductive and privileged comfort zone that has actually hindered our full awakening. We can no longer afford the kind of latitude that these sought-after privileges give us if we are to awaken, ascend and manifest a new way of being in the world. This is because the idea of losing them then becomes our greatest fear. Resisting change and fearing loss are our Achilles heel. Read or download the complete article.

Stopping the World – A Meditation into Oneness

By Leslie Temple-Thurston

Right now is “A Moment”—although any moment will do, even tomorrow and all tomorrows.

This present moment and all moments of the Eternal present, is a “now” moment in which you can “stop the world” –and feel the Oneness of your own being as part of the Oneness of life. Decide to stop thinking for a moment, take some deep breaths and enter your soul consciousness—allowing yourself to feel the interconnectedness of all of life. Read or download the complete article.

The Power of One

by Leslie Temple-Thurston

I was in Israel with my partner Brad, in 1995. After visiting Nazareth and feeling the deep peace in the land in that area, we found ourselves on the mount of the Beatitudes. Looking out over the beauty of the Sea of Galilee, we were reflecting on what Jesus had said about peacemaking, so long ago, here on this mountain. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” We could not help but be poignantly aware of the fragility of the peace process in this world and the tremendous work required on so many different levels before we, humankind, can celebrate being together on our beautiful planet earth. Read or download the complete article.

The Principles of Giving

by Leslie Temple-Thurston

Giving is a privilege. It is a privilege for both the giver and the receiver. Both are honored and ennobled by the action of giving. Giving is a rare and precious energy resource, the energy of connecting. When we show kindness and generosity towards one another, we connect deeply and are enriched by the connection. The giver and receiver are bonded together in a state of delight and unity. Read the full article.

Waking the Global Heart—The Power of Making a Gesture

by Leslie Temple-Thurston

In 1994 South Africans chose to live in equality in their physical world. While we all know that this was a momentous thing for a country divided by racial strife and extreme inequality, few individuals realized that by voting for equality they were voting for a major step forward in their spiritual growth. Equality is inherently a quality of spirit and heart—a rare flower indeed in this competitive, power-oriented world.

Equality is a state that manifests in individuals who have grown beyond the lust for power and the drive to satisfy their inner, deprived child through greed, domination and manipulation. At its inception, equality is an extremely powerful aspiration in a population seeking to renew itself, such as South Africa. Since equality had not existed here before, it could not be immediately manifested in 1994. Its birthing will take time, through the choices of individuals in their day-to-day actions. Read or download the complete article.

Unity Consciousness and Love

An except from The Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World

by Leslie Temple-Thurston

“Love is the force with the power to dissolve our erroneous sense of feeling separate from God and from other people. And it is love that heals the aberrant and discordant behaviors arising from our mistaken identity with the separate, egoic self. Taking up the exploration of consciousness with the intention to create integrative transformation is, more than anything, a return to love. Love is an important component of spiritual awakening and of the unified state; it becomes one of our teachers as we seek union with the Divine. We must learn the lessons love teaches us; otherwise we will never find the unified state. Read the full article.

Surrendering to Enlightenment

by Leslie Temple-Thurston

The power of “letting go” is the engine that drives our transformation. On the pathway toward enlightenment we will find ourselves called again and again to surrender more of our old selves. Our old personality and its programming of limitation is not able to hold the vast eternality of the enlightened state. It must be surrendered.

While the state of enlightenment is already in place for each one of us, just beyond the boundaries of our everyday awareness, the way that the worldly personality is structured keeps it veiled it from our perception. Thus our ability to surrender the veils or boundaries of our old self is our way to escape from the old self and expand into the ever-present, but hidden, state of our eternal Self. Read or download the complete article.

Sixty Second Serenity Practice

by Leslie Temple-Thurston

Change is fast becoming the defining characteristic of our current times. As the transformational energies entering collective, global consciousness accelerate, we are, as a species, having to learn to become comfortable and fluid with rapid change. Not an easy thing for Homo Sapiens, who traditionally becomes very uneasy and resistant when cycles of change come around. Rapid change leads to our perception of a speeding up of time. Read or download the complete article.

Time and Timelessness

by Leslie Temple-Thurston

Since we are so caught up within the notion of time, it is especially important at the moment to realize the possibility of balancing this out by spending periods in timelessness. Our lives are very overextended as we whirl and spin through time, sometimes experiencing endless turbulence and confusion. I encourage everyone to practice opening to timelessness. This is done in meditation. Meditation slows down breathing, the heart rate, metabolism, and thought. This slowing of the body and mind actually slows down time. Although we experience time as a linear perception, which we believe really exists, time is not real at all. Read or download the complete article.

When you fully explore the unconscious you will find The Source. Because God is the unconscious and the conscious in everything,
by going there, you will return home and become one with the Divine.
—Leslie Temple-Thurston