The Self-Realization Trilogy (set)



In seeking Self-Realization, initiating and maintaining the divine flow in and through daily life is essential. Mending the schisms we hold around the issues of relationships, money and creativity is the focus of this three-class course.


Self-Realization and Relationships: It is important to remember that we are in relationship with everything in this life, not just with romantic relationships. To awaken fully, it becomes necessary to develop a greater degree of awareness and a deeper understanding of relationship and relativity. At the core we are looking for fulfillment that comes from knowing one is connected to the Divine.

Self-Realization and Money: Money is a visible sign of a universal life force, a visible reflection of that invisible flow; however, in the modern, material world we have misunderstood what money is all about. We have confused it with an austere, business-oriented consciousness and have projected countless other misinterpretations onto it. In this class Leslie addresses these misconceptions and invites us to become acquainted with the ancient Hindu goddess Lakshmi, who is a personified form of both money and love, as well as beauty and perfection.

Self-Realization and Creativity: Cultivating the heart is the way to live creatively. When we perceive and live from the heart and higher chakras, we begin to tap into the creative flow of existence. We “touch inspiration”, and we manifest the universal force. Everything we need to be fully creative is present within us. By learning to love everything, we are swept along by a creative flow.

Recorded live
4 hours 42 minutes

Because this event was recorded live, the sound quality varies from day to day. We have digitally re-mastered and improved the sound quality, yet you may notice that some sections are not as high quality as others due to the nature of the original recording.