The Art of Transformation (set)



Humanity is making the transition from living in an old, outmoded, power-based paradigm to a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness. In this four-class course, Leslie examines some of the necessary steps one must take to make the shift, shares some of the major milestones along the way and discusses the egoic patterns that block us from making this shift.


Topics include:

  • Pursuing a path of forgiveness
  • Developing detachment
  • Untying “the knot of Vishnu”, a barrier in the subtle-body which prevents our living in the heart
  • Making a commitment to impeccability
  • Staying centered in times of adversity
  • Cultivating grace in your life
  • Understanding the nature of duality
  • Developing the neutral witnes

The Power of Love: Learning to choose love rather than power as the prime motivator of our actions is a major milestone on the journey to heart consciousness. Transformation takes a quantum leap when life becomes love-driven rather than power-driven.

Spiritual Success in Difficult Times: One of the hallmarks of the Spiritual Warrior is being able to thrive in situations of adversity. What does this mean and how do we learn to live heroically in our daily lives?

Untying the Knots of the Mind: Our minds are unnecessarily complex and undisciplined. What does it take to smooth and quiet this mental activity to lead a more balanced life?

A Brief Look at Non-Duality: When you cultivate the neutral place between extremes, you’re able to maintain a sense of integrity and balance in the face of great adversity. The negative and positive experiences of life just seem to pass through you. You never lose your center—and that center is the unified state.

Recorded live
5 hours, 6 minutes

Because this event was recorded live, the sound quality varies from day to day. We have digitally re-mastered and improved the sound quality, yet you may notice that some sections are not as high quality as others due to the nature of the original recording.