The Art of Gazing—A Guided Meditation



A guided meditation with discussion led by Leslie Temple-Thurston to help you quiet the mind through the practice of gazing. Includes a yantra so you can start the practice immediately.



The practice of gazing can create radical shifts in awareness. A simple technique which anyone can learn with some practice, it quiets the mind, allowing energy, grace and vitality to flow through us from Source. Through gazing, we enter the stillness, which fosters a deepening of our connection to the web of life and introduces us to the experience of the state of unity consciousness. A copy of the Sri yantra is included inside the CD. A copy of the Ganesh yantra is available to download as a PDF with the MP3s. Leslie offers instruction in the art of gazing, and guides you in a meditation accompanied by soothing, relaxing music.

Track 1  Discussion and instruction in the art of gazing.
Track 2  Guided meditation accompanied by soothing music.

Total running time: 46 minutes