Sexuality, Spirituality & Kundalini (set)



Sex, sexuality and spirituality are not only compatible, but are actually one and the same thing—connected by the primal force of the kundalini energy. When you begin to understand more about this powerful inner force, you see the profound connection more clearly. Understanding this connection supports both your spiritual growth and your ability to have healthy, balanced sexual relationships.


Sexuality, Spirituality and Kundalini

What we call our sex drive is really the movement of the sacred life force called kundalini, felt and experienced at the level of the first and second chakra. Yet, kundalini is vastly more than simply sexual energy. It is also the ascending force of creation on its path of awakening all the chakras. When the kundalini rises to the crown chakra, it forges a path into higher states of spiritual awakening.

The kundalini force is experienced differently in different parts of the body, and we use this force to energize our life experiences by projecting it out through the chakras and into the world. Yet when we do this, we are still stuck with an ego perceiving states of disconnection from our true, divine nature. When the kundalini is allowed to reach the heart chakra, we begin to feel the divine presence.

This three-day retreat with Leslie leads us on a voyage of discovering humanity’s journey from its animal nature to the awakening of its divine nature and the bringing together of these two states into a peaceful and harmonious existence.

Leslie’s inspiring discourses and lively question-and-answer sessions address the issues seekers face regarding sex and sexuality on a spiritual path, and other topics, such as:

  • Enlightening the emotional and physical bodies as the next step in our evolution
  • Understanding the energy anatomy of the human body, including the chakras, the double helix of the Ida and the Pingala, and the Shushumna
  • Waking to the Core (or Shushumna) and knowing your real Self
  • Developing a balanced approach to sexuality
  • Cutting egoic energetic ties.

10 hours 48 minutes

Included with this audio set are diagrams of: the different chakra levels, the elements associated with the various chakra levels, and the Ida and the Pingala.

Because this retreat was recorded live, the sound quality varies from day to day. We have digitally re-mastered and improved the sound quality, yet you may notice that some sections are not as high quality as others due to the nature of the original recording. (Please note: After the first 20 minutes or so, the audio quality improves enormously.)