Energetic Transmission: Protection through the power of the feminine



The fierce, lion-headed, Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet, is associated with the sun, with protection and with the power of the feminine. A goddess for our times, she was sent to Earth long ago when evil ran rampant, and her role was to return the planet to balance and order. An embodiment of ferocious motherly love, a lioness will stop at nothing to protect her cubs, even facing her own death.

Leslie painted Sekhmet because her power is needed again in the world today. The resurgence of the divine feminine energy balances the rampaging, out-of-control masculine paradigm currently dominating the Earth. By calling forth our inner Sekhmet, we find the power of fierce love inside us. We learn to protect what we love by speaking truth from the heart, and we discover that love is not just soft, warm and fuzzy but can also be a sword. Sekhmet teaches us that the compassion of the divine feminine includes both kinds of love.

This painting is available as a Giclée (museum-quality reproduction on canvas) and is also included in a set of six museum-quality greeting cards.

The owner of each fine art piece becomes a sponsor and steward of the shakti transmission (healing energy), which radiates into the home of the steward and out into the world. Each fine art piece is imbued with a specific vibration, calibrated to support the Earth and humanity at this pivotal moment in our evolution.