Sacred Art Greeting Cards, Golden Orb Set of Six




Leslie began painting Golden Orb during the time of her spiritual awakening experience in the late 1980s. When she received the call to become a teacher of enlightenment, she put the painting away, unfinished. Now 30 years later she is stepping into a new role as a sacred artist. Her first act was to complete Golden Orb, a sacred symbol for CoreLight, representing the luminous core of enlightenment within each of us. It also represents our Sun, which plays a pivotal role in Earth’s evolution and the ascension of human consciousness.

Golden Orb is now available as a beautiful set of six museum-quality greeting cards and as a Giclée—museum-quality reproduction on canvas.

Each set of six 5” x 7” greeting cards on premium-coated stock include six envelopes. Cards are blank inside with a description of the painting on the back. The set is presented in an attractive, clear, plexiglass sleeve-box.

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