Relationships and Enlightenment [download]


Can you enter the new paradigm that is birthing in this world when you are in relationship? You can if you understand what is involved. And how do we take our relationships beyond duality and into enlightenment? This in-depth exploration of the energy dynamics of relationship, including co-dependence, is very useful if you seek to awaken to unity consciousness while in relationship.



Spiritual seekers who desire a greater balance between their masculine and feminine sides and who are on the ultimate journey into enlightenment, will find much to ponder here. This audio includes a look at what the new paradigm of the heart might look like for couples and how they might transcend the imbalance of dominance and submission, which is common in the current patriarchal paradigm. This is essential if we are to move out of duality and into samadhi, the state of unity consciousness.
Recorded live.
46 minutes