Horus and the Earth Grid



Energetic Transmission: A higher perspective of reality



Inspired by a vision that her life-partner, Brad, was given, Leslie painted Horus and the Earth Grid. The hawk or falcon represents the ancient, radiant Egyptian god of light, Horus, who is also symbolized by the all-seeing eye. As a guide, he gives us a view of reality that goes far beyond physical sight. Like a hawk, we see life from a high altitude—as if from the grid of light that surrounds the Earth. We gain greater perspective on what it means to be an immortal spirit in a human body on this beautiful blue planet.

From that vantage point, our troubles, worries and burdens don’t hold so much weight and no longer fill the screen of our awareness. Through the eyes of Horus it is easy to see that we are not the ego or the physical body, that there is no such thing as death and that in truth we are the cosmic, timeless Self. We see the bigger picture, gaining “altitude” and becoming more aware of our true soul nature as the eternal Self.

This painting is available as a Giclée (museum-quality reproduction on canvas) and is also included in a set of six museum-quality greeting cards.

The owner of each fine art piece becomes a sponsor and steward of the shakti transmission (healing energy), which radiates into the home of the steward and out into the world. Each fine art piece is imbued with a specific vibration, calibrated to support the Earth and humanity at this pivotal moment in our evolution.