For Love and Money (Marin set)



For Love and Money is an edited audio recording from a retreat with Leslie Temple-Thurston
(Recorded Live in Marin County, California).

Authentic abundance is not just having money and material possessions. It is also having abundant love in your life. Love and money are one and the same energy, and they come in great abundance when you peel away the limiting patterns of egoic programming and learn to live in the continuous flow of divine presence.


When you are able to bring that flow through you, it solidifies in the world into substance, including material things. Money is the visible sign of this universal energy. Because the outer world is just a mirror of our inner state, when you are all filled up inside, the outer world is all filled up, too. It is like a wellspring that bubbles up inside the body, like a wave that never ever stops or ends.

In this four-day retreat Leslie leads you on a voyage of discovery. Learn how to open to the flow of divine presence with two approaches:

  • Explore the new energy dynamic that is birthing in the world—that of abundant love, generosity and heart-centered consciousness
  • Examine from a higher perspective some of the limiting patterns that block you from living a life of authentic abundance.

Through inspiring discourses and lively question-and-answer sessions, which address a wide spectrum of topics related to love and money—from the practical to the esoteric—Leslie lovingly guides you through an extraordinary course in the teachings of non-duality.

This retreat is much more than just the dissemination of information. Leslie not only distills more than a decade of her own lessons on living in the flow of authentic abundance, but she also offers a profound initiation into new alignments in consciousness.

Because this retreat was recorded live, the sound quality varies from day to day. We have digitally re-mastered and improved the sound quality throughout, yet you may notice some sections are not as high quality as others due to the nature of the original recording. We have also edited the original recording to be as concise as possible, so you may notice some sections in which the subject changes more abruptly than it would have in the original recording.

Leslie also led a retreat by the same title in Portland, Oregon. While the general theme is the same at both retreats, the information presented was quite different. There is some overlap, but to get all of the information we highly recommend listening to both intensive recordings.

10 hours, 40 minutes.