Deep Relaxation & Expansion—A Guided Meditation



This guided meditation led by Leslie Temple-Thurston is done while lying down and helps one relax, center and open the energy flows through one’s entire system. It is an ideal meditation for beginners and those who struggle with injuries or cannot sit comfortably to meditate.



This lying-down meditation helps you relax your body and mind, opens up the energy flow in your entire system, and expands your awareness into the radiance of your light body.

With soft background music, Leslie’s gentle voice soothingly guides you through a unique set of exercises that includes: deep breathing, stress release, muscle relaxation, and energizing the chakras and subtle body. Perfect for beginners, as it includes an explanation of the chakras and subtle body anatomy. Also delightful for advanced meditators.

Track 1  ( 5:40) Introduction and benefits
Track 2 (10:00) Deep breathing and stress release
Track 3 (15:40) Physical body relaxation
Track 4 (17:15) Opening energy flow in chakras and subtle body

Total running time: 49 minutes