Clearing Approval & Disapproval



In this world we must recognize that we are attracted to approval and repulsed by disapproval. How do criticism and praise affect us? The negative and positive judgments that the world imposes upon us and that we level at ourselves, divide our consciousness into the dual state—a positive and negative ego.


We spin from the positive side of the ego to the negative side. The polarities of approval-disapproval and praise-criticism follow one another. How do we stop the spin? One has to surrender both sides in order for the whole polarity to unravel and leave. By clearing the veils of approval and disapproval that distort our perception of ourselves and of the world we live in, we find our authenticity. In the state of enlightenment, you never lose your center because in the center is the authentic God-consciousness that you seek.

Topics include:

  • Opening the flow of creative inspiration
  • Developing a neutral witness as a doorway out of the system of duality
  • Moving into the new paradigm of the heart.

Recorded Live
91 minutes