Canyonland Dreamtime: The Marriage of Spirit



Energetic Transmission: Unification of masculine and feminine in consciousness



Canyonland Dreamtime evokes the luminous, mystical landscape of the American Southwest, specifically Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Leslie and Brad lived for almost 25 years. The seated yogi/yogini—half man, half woman—represents the balance of the masculine and feminine principles, or yin and yang, in each of us. All ancient mystical traditions speak of the unification of this fundamental polarity in human consciousness as the prerequisite for spiritual awakening, or enlightenment. The original painting is embedded with shakti (healing energy), giving it a luminosity which radiates and reflects golden light.

This painting is available as a Giclée (museum-quality reproduction on canvas) and is also included in a set of six museum-quality greeting cards.

The owner of each fine art piece becomes a sponsor and steward of the shakti transmission (healing energy), which radiates into the home of the steward and out into the world. Each fine art piece is imbued with a specific vibration, calibrated to support the Earth and humanity at this pivotal moment in our evolution.