Becoming Oneness—A Guided Meditation



A Guided Meditation
by Leslie Temple-Thurston
When you enter the state known as samadhi, or unity consciousness, the restless mind stops chattering. You let go very deeply and experience an egoic dissolution. What remains is a beautiful state of pure beingness—simple, peaceful and blissful.



In this extraordinarily powerful meditation, Leslie gently leads you beyond the ego and into the Oneness with a unique, soothing approach. Using visualization, she takes you on a journey through time and space. Using the “seven keys of ascension” (as described Leslie’s book Returning to Oneness), she assists with balancing and healing your chakra system. She also guides you into the Cave of Brahman, a magical center in the head, where you can more easily access the transcendental energies associated with the crown chakra and enter the realms of no thought.

As Leslie recorded this meditation live at an event in Johannesburg in May 2007, she was aware that many archangels and spiritual masters were present in the room, assisting and removing the shadow (negativity, anger, pain and fear) from the participants. Later, the great Indian saint, Paramahansa Yogananda, merged with her and told her that anytime someone listens to this meditation, he will be present, empower the meditation and assist with the removing of shadow. There is an extremely potent transmission of love and oneness that comes through Leslie’s words in Becoming Oneness.

Total running time: 55 minutes