Absolute Truth



Truth is a big issue for the world right now, both spiritually and politically. Because this is a dualistic world, absolute truth lies somewhere in the middle, between the positive and negative channels of possibility. The middle way is the way of absolute truth.


Yet most people in the current paradigm of the world hold a relative, polarized truth and argue over who is right and who is wrong. When there is not a commitment to or an awareness of absolute truth, then there is always the freedom to bend the truth, coerce, propagandize, and create wiggle room, based on what is convenient. Unless you make a commitment to stand in absolute truth, then you are part of the ebb and flow of polarity. Absolute truth is simple and direct. Making the commitment to stand in absolute truth is essential right now if spiritual seekers are to create a critical mass to shift the consciousness of the world. We are the advance guard of a spiritual revolution, helping to bring the planet into the new paradigm of heart consciousness.

Leslie discusses how the Biblical story of Adam and Eve has affected us, locking us into an old paradigm of sin, separation, good and bad, and working for survival. Seeing beyond the story and standing in absolute truth is essential on our journey to the knowledge of who we truly are—the eternal, timeless Self.

She also talks with the audience about topics, such as:

  • bringing truth into the workplace
  • using discernment, rather than blind trust in our interactions with people
  • balancing politics and spirituality
  • seeing truth from illusion.

Recorded Live
61 minutes.