Living With Enlightenment


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Important, exciting and transformative book by one of our wisest mystics…

“This is an important, exciting and transformative book by one of our wisest mystics. It is the unconventional and profoundly moving story of a unique, soul love relationship. Read it and you will be deeply inspired, not only by Brad Laughlin’s exquisite and naked prose but by the direct initiatory teachings of his great consort and illumined spiritual teacher, Leslie Temple-Thurston.”

—Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism

We are invited to become spiritual warriors as well as spiritual midwives…

“In Living With Enlightenment, Brad Laughlin nakedly shares his transpersonal autobiography, shaped and illumined by his longtime partnership with Leslie Temple-Thurston. In it, we glimpse not only an extraordinary teacher-student relationship which becomes a romantic partnership, but are magnanimously invited to become spiritual warriors as well as spiritual midwives in the journey from ego-consciousness to embodied love in action. Refreshingly, amid a plethora of teachings on enlightenment as a final end-point, Brad Laughlin clarifies that, in his words, the journey of enlightenment is a never-ending continuum of spiritual evolution. Although there are milestones along the way, there is no fixed goal or endpoint because on this journey we are always learning, growing and becoming.”

—Carolyn Baker, author of Dark Gold: The Human Shadow and The Global Crisis and Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths For Turbulent Times.

Beautiful, inspiring, relatable addition to the classic literature of spiritual seeking

“Living with Enlightenment is a modern-day recounting of the perennial experience of treading the path to enlightenment. Author Brad Laughlin beautifully tells the tale of his own lifelong and continuing journey, with both the ecstatic discoveries and breakthroughs, and the times of fear, uncertainty, and anguish that are part of the enlightenment path, all woven along a warp of transcendent and abiding love. It’s been a transformative journey of courage for Laughlin, from coming out as gay as a young man during the early days of the AIDS pandemic to falling in love with an older woman—his teacher and now longtime life companion Leslie Temple-Thurston. Temple-Thurston’s wisdom and teachings are interwoven in the narrative, along with an introduction to useful techniques to promote spiritual growth developed by the pair’s CoreLight organization, and the concept that we are moving into co-creating a New Paradigm of the Heart. It’s also inspiring to read about their efforts to assist AIDS orphans and others in need in South Africa. This book is a beautiful and relatable addition to the classic literature of spiritual seeking.”

—Debra D

Absolutely beautiful

“Living with Enlightenment is a remarkable work. The author describes it as a transpersonal autobiography and indeed, it’s quite brilliantly just that. Brad Laughlin’s personal story is uniquely and profoundly rich, complex, fascinating and poignant. It’s also a carefully crafted and impeccably witnessed offering of divinely inspired spiritual teachings. Ultimately, his book is a timeless guide to personal transformation–both the author’s and our own. So much like his Beloved, the great spiritual teacher, Leslie Temple Thurston—Brad is a Bringer of Light. I’ve had the honor of sitting with Leslie and recall her energy breaking apart something deep within me, flooding me with light and awareness. Brad’s book holds an uncannily kindred energetic property, capable of similarly transforming the reader’s consciousness. What a gift! The author has, in bravely sharing his soul touching story, created a powerful catalyst of good for all who are receptive. Highest possible recommendation.”


A unique and honest account of a spiritual journey

“Initially skeptical about ‘Enlightenment’ in the title and what might be yet another Guru worshiping book, I was immediately impressed by the purity, honesty and vulnerability of the author’s autobiographical account of his journey. Skipping the usual long introductions that should set the stage, Brad Laughlin cuts to the chase and dives straight into addressing the fundamental questions of our human existence — not in a musing, philosophical fashion but in a very practical, pragmatic way we can all relate to. The book weaves his personal story with short excerpts from Leslie Temple-Thurston’s teachings and masterfully progresses from simple observations to deeper wisdom teachings. The rhythm of this structure carried me on effortlessly and I always wondered what would happen next. The overarching message is that we each have an important role in awakening and expanding our collective human consciousness and our individual actions, states and hearts matter enormously. Demonstrated by his personal experience, the author skillfully guides us through this process. I’ve read many spiritual books but never anything like this one. A unique gem I highly recommend!”



“I was cynically expecting this book to be a touching but slightly sentimental journey through a romantic / spiritual love relationship, the kind we have unfortunately become accustomed to in New Age lit: light on substance and heavy on stimulating the reader’s idealizing projections. Not so. SO NOT SO! This book is a masterful summary of Leslie Temple-Thurston’s teachings, woven through the personal realm in a way that grounds the teachings and brings them into the embodied experience of being human. Even if you are not familiar with Leslie Temple-Thurston’s teachings, enough context is provided to appreciate the wisdom. I am already planning to gift it to people that I love, and will surely be rereading.”


This book should be a movie

“This book really needs to be made into a movie. If you know an agent, please show them this book. Brad Laughlin is a former Hollywood actor and a gay man who unexpectedly finds himself on a spiritual path that transforms his entire life. He tells his story in a way that brings us along, as if we are at an interesting and entertaining dinner. It is a marvelous way of sharing the profound spiritual lessons we need in this day and age. Brad shares from the point of view of one of us. He is never preachy or too enlightened. It is as if your brother is calling you and saying, “Listen to this!” You will read through this book quickly. It is a page turner – you keep wanting to know what happens next, or what this means, or how will Brad and Leslie manage that? This is indeed a journey of love. Brad allows us all to witness. And to learn.”


A gentle, powerful invitation to see more clearly and love more deeply

“Erudite, tender, and full of grace and wisdom, Brad Laughlin’s Journey with Enlightenment took me straight into the heart of a love story within and beyond time, grounded in deep spiritual wisdom and practicality for the paths we walk today. Brad and Leslie Temple-Thurston teach us where to look and how to see and live the ever present realities of infinite grace that move within us and around us in every moment. Moved to tears more than once, their story is a living testament to the power of love in its many forms and an invitation to enter ever more deeply into the realities of our sacred Union with the Divine within which there is no separation. I am richer having shared their journey.”

—Pauline R

Profound and touching yet practical

“This is a book of profound spiritual teachings, enhanced by and wrapped in the story of a deep and moving love story. Brad and Leslie’s closeness reveals too the fascinating inner life of an enlightened being, even including such aspects as processing and assisting individuals and groups during wartime or after death. The honesty, clarity and humility with which he writes creates a book which is accessible and straightforward, filled with practical information and at the same time profoundly touching — both usable and inspiring. I was deeply moved by it!”


Eloquent and Vividly Real

“Eloquent and beautifully written – and with a beautiful transmission. Such gratitude to Brad for this work of art, heart and soul.”


Deep thoughts and well written

“Fantastic book. Great life lessons and well written. Highly recommended.”