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The following audio files are offered in loving service, as our gift to you. The teachings are priceless, and the light is freely given.

Yasmeen Turayhi, host of Gateways to Awakening, interviewed Brad on the subjects below. Click here for the 30-second teaser. Click here to listen to the full podcast. (Available on Hakawati, Spotify, Apple and other formats.)

Topics include:

  • How to live as an enlightened being in today’s world
  • What Spiritual Training exactly is
  • Why so many people have trouble with detachment
  • How to work through polarity, move towards oneness and become a “witness”, or an “observer”, of our lives
  • What the 8 Keys are and how they can help you live a life of integration and wellness
  • The Triangles and Squares process that can help you move through your triggers, so you don’t have to keep re-experiencing them.