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The following audio files are offered in loving service, as our gift to you. The teachings are priceless, and the light is freely given.

This 13-minute guided meditation by Brad Laughlin invites Archangel Michael into your life in a deep and profound way. With relaxing background music and a gentle, soothing voice, Brad leads you through a centering and grounding practice into the core of the Earth and the core of your being. The expansive journey continues into the Cave of Brahman, a spot in the middle of the head which opens the crown chakra and offers access to the heavenly realms. The meditation climaxes in visualization, rich with imagery, as you open to the light of Michael, a bright, cobalt-blue luminosity, which descends, permeates and initiates you with his essence.

Archangel Michael gave this potent guided meditation to Leslie as a way for people to intimately receive his blessings, friendship and guidance. Leslie offered it to Brad to use at the presentation of his book, Discovering Archangel Michael, at Unity Church of Tustin in California where this CD was recorded live.

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