Enhanced Self-Discovery Program

Lead me from the unreal to the real,
lead me from darkness to light,
lead me from death to immortality.
—The Upanishads

Corelight is pleased to offer a series of advanced teachings, formerly available only through the four-year Teacher Training Program, in a new, innovative and far more accessible format. This program, entitled the Enhanced Self-Discovery Program, is now available to anybody who has completed both semesters of the CoreLight Spiritual Warrior Training program. This is the only prerequisite, as the Spiritual Warrior material forms the foundation for these advanced teachings.

The teachings offer a profound training for living a life of harmonious integrity, insight and balance, where one develops an expanded state of consciousness through a thorough immersion in timeless spiritual truths and the practical application of those truths in everyday life. They are intended for those souls who are moved by an inner fire to awaken and to serve humanity and the Earth in some meaningful capacity.

Surrender into Oneness

Increase Potential for Awakening

Rapidly Transform Egoic Programming

The teachings take one into two distinct yet completely complementary aspects of exploration. They ask a deep commitment: 1) to surrender and dissolve into Oneness through understanding the nature of the Self, and 2) to deepening the potential for awakening through learning to use a variety of processing techniques which rapidly transform lifetimes of egoic programming. It is the programmed egoic patterning that keeps humanity in separation, illusion and limitation. This two-pronged approach increases ones capacity to access, embody and live from the non-dual state and constitutes a fast path that makes for a journey of rapid Self-discovery.

The Enhanced Self-Discovery Program now offers these teachings as eight individuals modules, which can be taken in any order, depending upon what is most appropriate to you on your own journey. And there is no commitment required to complete all, or even more than one module, to participate in this program—unless you plan on becoming a CoreLight teacher. We feel that one should have the option of working through this material as you are guided, both in terms of the sequence and pacing. This means that you can select to work with a module of your choice, regardless of its order and in a self-paced manner, though we do feel that three months per module is the minimum time required to gain the benefits of one module before moving onto another.

For those who wish to become CoreLight teachers and receive a Graduate Certificate, you will be required to take all eight modules, preferably (but not necessarily) in sequence, and turn in at least two papers per module. However this requirement only applies in this case.

The Enhanced Self-Discovery Program includes the following modules:

The Path of the Teacher–Our definition of teaching is any way which spirit may guide an individual to express spiritual inspiration in the world. There are many ways to teach and to serve, and each person will be drawn according to his or her own path. This course is not simply for those who visualize themselves sitting with groups as in the traditional sense of teaching. The intention and design of the course is to assist individuals in becoming clearer and to deepen dissolution into the Self.

Each module is includes: 1) a series of recordings, 2) recommended reading material, 3) written assignments, 4) an online forum, and 5) a CoreLight teacher to work with you.

As with the Spiritual Warrior Training course, Leslie and the other teachers connect with class members through monthly tele-conference calls, periodic e-mails and online postings about collective energy shifts, current collective processes and how these affect your own transformation.

Completion of Spiritual Warrior Training first and second semesters are prerequisites for enrolling in The Enhanced Self-Discovery Program. To learn more about The Enhanced Self-Discovery Program and how to enroll, please click here.

What you will Receive

12 Audio Sessions

PDF Guide

Video Calls with Leslie

Price $399