Elephant Prayer Circle

The Elephants Need Your Help!

Please join our prayer circle by signing your name below. Your name will be added to a growing list of names. Your name will not be displayed, only your country of origin.

Prayer has the power to change things radically. The dilemmas that humans create can only be solved by the innate wisdom of the universe. Our prayers allow this transformation and healing process to begin. Through prayer changes will manifest the birthing of a sustainable solution regarding elephants.

Here is an example of a prayer to say once a day. Please tailor it to your own use. If you are not accustomed to praying, please hold the spirit of the prayer in your mind and heart:

Here is a Possible Prayer—

Blessed Oneness, that which I am and which we all are in our deepest Essence, please communicate to those gentle giants of the Earth, the elephants, that I stand in strength and solidarity with them. I offer this prayer from my heart for their healing and well-being. I pray that they may find support where they need it and compassion instead of abuse.

May the humans they come in contact with respect and honor who they are as sentient beings. May they be blessed with peace and a fear-free life and held in loving kindness. I offer great gratitude knowing this will be so. Thank you, Amen.

Fill in your details and click below to join the prayer circle. Your name will not be shown or used in any way and adding it is optional. You can still join us and hold the intention without adding your name or country: