Student Mentoring Program

What is CoreLight’s Mentoring Program?

The mentoring program is a resource to support students who are taking the Spiritual Warrior and Enhanced Self-Discovery Program. The mentors are a circle of loving beings dedicated to supporting their peers on the path of spiritual transformation and awakening. Mentors are fellow students who have graduated from the Spiritual Warrior and Enhanced Self-Discovery courses and who offer their time in the spirit of friendship and service to others in the CoreLight program.

Many of them have had years of experience assisting awakening souls. Mentors are available on a regular basis for guidance, processing and support with problem solving. This is done by phone, email, Skype or in person.

If you are an enrolled student, you can check the directory, see their pictures and read their bios.

    What Can I Expect from a Mentor?

    Mentors are committed to the practice of:

  • Holding a neutral witness for the benefit of the student
  • Heart-centered listening
  • Holding the highest dharma of the situation in a space of infinite heart
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Self-awareness
  • Humility
  • Mentors are available to help the student anchor their witness, to help them feel grounded, and to mirror to them what they need to see about their process.

Guidelines for Mentors and Mentorees:

A mentor’s purpose is to support students in finding the luminous core of truth within themselves, rather than their looking toward an outside authority figure.

The mentor helps the student hold their witness while spirit works through both of them for the best possible learning experience and resolution to the process.

The mentors guide the students’ seeing and assist them in owning their process. They help the students with each issue that surfaces during the processing session, guiding them to see all the issues as an aspect of themselves. The student is encouraged to avoid blaming or projecting.

Access the Mentor Directory

If you are enrolled in the Spiritual Warrior or Enhanced Self-Discovery Program, you will have received a password on enrollment. You can access the mentor directory here using your assigned password.