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CoreLight Enlightenment Studies

CoreLight’s courses have evolved since 1990, predicated on the understanding that we are all inherently seekers, looking for wholeness and fulfillment on many levels—spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Some of us are simply seeking a greater sense of well-being and stability in our day-to-day lives, some are seeking to connect more deeply with inner wisdom, some are seeking complete liberation from egoic constructs through enlightenment or Self-realization. Increasingly, people are coming to this course of study driven by a desire and commitment to help heal the planet at this critical juncture in humanity’s evolution. Working on raising one’s own consciousness and finding inner balance are the most effective and powerful ways to affect change in the world. Studying with Leslie and Brad is an invitation to explore your depths, discover your own limitless potential, develop strengths and open up to new dimensions of consciousness. Using timeless spiritual principles and ancient truth teachings, revamped for the modern, material world, our courses offer tools, guidance and inspiration to assist you on your path of Self-discovery.

There are several ways to participate

Enlightenment Studies Programs:

Spiritual Warrior Training—A self-paced course of study that focuses on both smoothing out your daily life and developing mystical awareness. This course is offered in two semesters which can be completed at your own pace from any where. Learn more about the Spiritual Warrior Training Course.

Enhanced Self-Discovery Program—A four-year course for those who have completed Spiritual Warrior Training and wish to continue their studies. Learn more about the Enhanced Self-Discovery Program.

Seminars—These are classes dedicated to exploring the depths of different aspects of consciousness—they are topical in nature and in response to the prevailing energies. Often open only to Teacher Training students and graduates, or by application. Please check the events page.

Events and Retreats:

Virtual Intensives—These are usually two-day teleconferences on a specific topic. Please check the events page to see if there are any Virtual Intensives scheduled.

Retreats—CoreLight retreats are offered as a way to totally immerse oneself in meditation and self-inquiry with a group. Retreat topics, locations and formats vary. Please check the events page.

Public Courses—With a focused topic, these courses are open to all and include teleconference group discussions as well as individual study materials. Please check the events page.

A la Carte Studies:

One good way to get an idea if more dedicated study is right for you is to listen to a discourse on a topic that interests you. Many of Leslie’s audio recordings (on CD or as mp3) and books are available from the CoreLight webstore. Some offerings are available as free downloads on our website. And some are available to purchase at, including her books, The Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World and Returning to Oneness—the Seven Keys of Ascension, as well as some guided meditation CDs.

For more information or to discuss opportunities to study, please contact the CoreLight office.

Beginningless time and the present moment are the same... You have only to understand that time has no real existence.
—The Zen Teaching of Huang-po