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Los Alamos, New Mexico and Sacred Tribal Lands, with Marian Naranjo

October 19th, 2014

LANL (Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory), birthplace of the atomic bomb and linchpin of the nuclear weapons industry, is built on a dormant super volcano and has been threatened in recent years by raging wildfires. Marian Naranjo, Founder and Director of Honor Our Pueblo Existence (HOPE), speaks about this untenable situation and how her tribe, who have lived on this land for millennia, have been disconnected from many of their sacred places.

The Buwah Tewha (Bread House) is a project to renew harmony within the indigenous communities that have been deeply affected by the creation of the atomic bomb and the national laboratories, which continue to occupy their sacred lands.

Please donate to “HOPE” to help complete the Buwah Tewha, as a place for women and girls to gather, learn and share traditional knowledge and important tribal lifeways.

Meeting Madiba

January 9th, 2014

Seeds of Light and the Global White Lion Protection Trust are proud to present the Funjwa Primary School’s production of the musical drama: The White Lions of Timbavati. These amazing children from the very rural, impoverished and undeveloped area of Acornhoek, South Africa, wrote the play themselves and were given the rare privilege of performing in 2008 in a private audience for Nelson Mandela. Here is the incredible story of how this very special journey unfolded.