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Los Alamos, New Mexico and Sacred Tribal Lands, with Marian Naranjo

October 19th, 2014

LANL (Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory), birthplace of the atomic bomb and linchpin of the nuclear weapons industry, is built on a dormant super volcano and has been threatened in recent years by raging wildfires. Marian Naranjo, Founder and Director of Honor Our Pueblo Existence (HOPE), speaks about this untenable situation and how her tribe, who have lived on this land for millennia, have been disconnected from many of their sacred places.

The Buwah Tewha (Bread House) is a project to renew harmony within the indigenous communities that have been deeply affected by the creation of the atomic bomb and the national laboratories, which continue to occupy their sacred lands.

Please donate to “HOPE” to help complete the Buwah Tewha, as a place for women and girls to gather, learn and share traditional knowledge and important tribal lifeways.

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Time To Love

April 19th, 2014

Beautiful music and images, accompanied by the inspiring words of Leslie Temple-Thurston, uplift and encourage us to practice and share our love in the world. Enjoy this three-minute feast for the heart and the senses!

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Meeting Madiba

January 9th, 2014

Seeds of Light and the Global White Lion Protection Trust are proud to present the Funjwa Primary School’s production of the musical drama: The White Lions of Timbavati. These amazing children from the very rural, impoverished and undeveloped area of Acornhoek, South Africa, wrote the play themselves and were given the rare privilege of performing in 2008 in a private audience for Nelson Mandela. Here is the incredible story of how this very special journey unfolded.

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Earth-Healing Pilgrimages to South Africa

May 16th, 2013
As the cradle for our human development, Africa creates life-changing transformation for all who take her into themselves. Entering into the African dreamtime is a dissolution of the separate mind, and an awakening of inner silence, unity and interconnectedness with the web of life. We perceive this to be one of the great gifts that Mother Africa offers to visitors from the Western world. Those that come for this experience are brought to their inner core of stillness, reconnected with something so ancient and primeval within themselves that they can never be the same again.

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For the Love of Animals

May 2nd, 2013

Join Leslie Temple-Thurston and renowned interspecies communicator, Anna Breytenbach, for a series of dialogues about the current state of the animals in the world and what the animal kingdom might have to share with humans to facilitate a collaborative shift into a new paradigm.

In this video, meet “Spirit”, a very rare black leopard with an extraordinary consciousness and join Anna and Leslie as they share a fascinating and inspiring discussion about their experience of Spirit and his representation of our own unconscious side.

The For the Love of Animals dialogues will be by phone and skype bridge and live webcast on 3 Sundays, May 26th, June 9th and 16th, 2013.

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Earth Healing Pilgrimages to the American Southwest

April 29th, 2013

A journey to the Southwest is an initiation, a pilgrimage to an enchanting land imbued with rugged natural beauty and great spiritual power. It is an opportunity to reconnect with an ancient time and place when the land was honored and revered, when Mother Earth was held as sacred. The extraordinary sites we will visit still hold that sacred vibration, and the spirit of the Anasazi Indians—the ancient ones—is a palpable presence there. As we make our meditative, mystical sojourn and contemplate our connection with these holy places, the soul stirs, and we awaken to our vast, timeless eternality.

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Exploring New Consciousness

February 7th, 2013

Leslie Temple-Thurston, a teacher of enlightenment, shares an inspirational message about the new consciousness that is birthing on the planet. This new paradigm is about unity consciousness and awakening the heart; it is about no more separation and about feeling connected to each other, nature and all things. How do we access this new consciousness and how can we use it in our lives? It’s a beautiful opportunity to grow.

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Creating Something out of “Nothing”

January 28th, 2013

Right now humanity is literally “floating” in something I would call a “creative void.” This moment in time, the aftermath of the 2012 doorway, is a deeply creative time, but it also appears to be something of a void-ness right now for most people. This is because, for developed seekers, much of the old consciousness of the third dimension has disappeared and the new consciousness has not yet revealed itself to us. We may get faint intimations of it, but it is not altogether clear—certainly not clear enough to build a new life on as yet. And yet I am sure that each of you is already wanting now to define your new reality as much as possible. So the question that arises in us is: “Can I move forward and plug into a new level of consciousness for myself?” The answer, however, is not a simple one, and it is worth looking at whatever answers you may have gleaned so far, from a very abstract place inside yourself before you lock anything into place.

changes next exit signWhile there is definitely a new kind of consciousness approaching us from “out there in the Cosmos,” so far it is eluding our old ability to define and see its presence clearly or grasp its presence fully formed. It remains more of an essence, very fluid and as yet, mostly un-seeable and ungraspable. One cannot know what it is, clearly. It is not a complete and formed “plug-in” so to speak.

I have to say I feel that the most perfect thing we can all do now is to allow ourselves to simply float in the void for awhile longer. I know that the ego tries to lock down the definitions of things so that it can feel it’s on solid ground. But that is the ego’s issue. And you are not the ego. Therefore it is most certainly viable for you to allow the emptiness and the void-ness in and around you, to slowly solidify into the new forms that are yet to come.

The ego hasn’t yet realized that if it can’t see into the void, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing there. Emptiness is never really empty; it’s the ego’s perception that it is devoid of content. Rather, ask your deeper self what you can do with this void that’s present that would allow it to give way to a creative state of “just being” and “just allowing” yourself to be content with the emptiness—that is, until it begins to reveal its hidden forms! During times of uncertainty, most people tend to give way to fear—which is the ego’s fear of emptiness. Yet it is quite viable to turn shadow-void into creative-void!

Being creative in the void means that you play—

  • Play with your insight!
  • Jot down your most outrageous ideas but don’t solidify them.
  • Allow yourself to be still and dream into the new Presence—either in meditation or just gazing out on the landscape of your life.
  • Go out of your way to find beauty and explore your own ideas of what beauty is. It is always different for each person.
  • As you begin to assemble your feelings of what is beautiful, what is uplifting to you, what is inspirational and what would be fun for your new life to be, you are beginning to find your new self.
  • But don’t lock anything in yet!!! Ooooh no! Play some more, dream, meditate and flow with time itself as though it is an ancient and wise river—because it is!!

play and creativityPlay, because play is infinitely creative, and in combination with dreaming, it is the new foundation on which your new perception of reality and life will be birthed.

If you tend to fall into fear and grab at whatever makes itself available in the short term, process the fear. There is no such thing as voidness, no matter how it may look to your ego!! Everything is always full, and fullness is everything. There is nothing but fullness in existence. There is no such thing as emptiness. It is only the 3D ego perception that there can be empty space—it does not actually exist. If you are having difficulty getting your bearings, try to let go of the belief in the empty-full polarity, process it—it is just a polarity in the realm of ego. Then you’ll certainly find the capacity in your awareness to see into the unseen and find peace in the emptiness. Conjuring something out of what seems to be nothing, is certainly the blessed work of making the Divine’s gifts conscious.

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The Quiet Revolution

December 31st, 2012

The Quiet Revolution—Image of Elephant's Eye
There is a great, silent revolution in consciousness taking place everywhere.

Beauty is everywhere…
within and without…
walk in beauty always!

Wishing you a Happy New Year from all of us at CoreLight and Seeds of Light!

(Enjoy the presentation here)

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Collaboration Between Women Supports Global Change

October 27th, 2012

We have reached the moment in time when as many women as possible need to be made aware of the way in which they compete with other women. This phenomenon is hugely present in almost every woman in the Western world, just as it is with men. Competitiveness in women is usually fairly covert, disguised, taken for granted. Competition is so second nature that even the woman herself is unconscious of the fact that she is doing it! Yet, if a woman is sensitive and has good inter-personal skills and cares about her relationships with others, she can usually feel the tonality of that particular energy—and respond to it, especially if someone draws her attention to it and makes her aware of it. This indicates that many women are ready to shift this issue now….

The women of today not only compete over men, but to some extent compete in the same manner as men, now that they have entered the Patriarchal working world where it is survival of the fittest in the job market. Either way, the situation is still about women trying to survive and make their way in life, although essentially without the same privileges as men. Despite the fact that feminism has come a long way in the past 50 years, this pattern of women being second-class citizens is still significantly in place.

Leap of Faith sculpture, Colin Gateway, BelfastThis world absolutely cannot heal as long as there is competition between men, or between women, or between men and women. Our now blighted natural world is gasping for air, essentially as a result of the competition for survival between people, nations, the genders, and the effect of human competition on nature and animals. It has got to stop soon—and our Mother Earth is now asking us women to let it go. Actually on closer examination, competition, which was so esteemed, now seems most embarrassingly sordid, small-minded, limited and redundant. Now, since we no longer need to be using this behavior for our survival, we can be reborn into a new and far healthier way of sisterhood that calls for collaboration and caring!

I doubt we were meant to be competing with each other forever—it was a learning experience for sure, but as we ascend, it no longer serves us. Going forward into the new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness will inevitably change this destructive attitude for our own happiness and survival.

The fact is that women no longer need to be dependent on men, and have no real reason to compete with each other. It is simply an old habit, as most of us know only too well in our souls. There are so many ways that this Patriarchal period has been exceedingly hard for women that, overall, it has been a deeply scarring and soul-destroying experience. Yet there is another, subtler and higher side to our feminine evolution. Over the millennia we have also learned something from facing the humiliation we feel about being “less than” men. While this humiliation still lives deep inside us, we have been subtly changed. We have learned and are still learning that having to face humiliation over the centuries has led us towards awakening the sublime and higher state of true humility within us. It has developed in us a huge well of strength deep within our souls, and as a result we have become survivors—and more. We have become capable of ascending into a higher dimension. We are ready!

An excerpt from an article by Leslie Temple-Thurston. Read the complete article: Collaboration Between Women Supports Global Change online or download it as a pdf.

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With great spiritual power comes great responsibility.
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