Spiritual Warrior Training

Course Introduction and Syllabus

Inner Connection

Although she has taken on a new role and is no longer teaching outwardly, Leslie works with you inwardly to support your spiritual growth. By developing the inner connection, you can increase the flow of awareness of Presence. When it is developed, your own ability to make the God-direct connection is firmly established and your growth accelerates at a steady pace.

CoreLight Mentoring Program

A CoreLight mentor is available to guide and support you as you move through the materials.

The mentors are a circle of loving beings dedicated to supporting their peers on the path of spiritual transformation and awakening. Mentors are fellow students who studied directly with Leslie and who have completed the Enhanced Self-Discovery program (formerly called Teacher Training). They offer their time in the spirit of friendship to others in CoreLight’s Enlightenment Studies program. Many of them have had years of experience assisting awakening souls.

Mentors are available for guidance, processing and support with problem solving by phone and online. Mentors assist others in dissolving dependence on outside authorities and in turning to the inner core for one’s own authority. They offer an attitude of heart-centered listening, humility and the neutral witness.

Mentoring is not therapy, nor is it a replacement for therapy.

Once you’ve been accepted into the course, you will be given access to pictures and bios of the mentors. The first session with the mentor of your choice is free. Thereafter, the fee is $100 per session. Sessions are usually one hour.

Class Transcripts

Transcripts of the course materials are available for download after you purchase the course. As another means of absorbing the information, we suggest that you read the transcripts in addition to listening to the recordings.

Making the Best Use of Your Recordings

Each recording contains a unique transmission to create shifts of awareness and serves to impart specific mystical knowledge. We suggest listening to one recording several times before moving on to the next. This seems to be the most effective way of listening to the recordings. Don’t be concerned if you space out and miss sections of information. Trust that when you listen to the recording again, you will catch the missing pieces. It is not possible to ground the information of a whole recording in one listening. The information goes in subliminally, even if your conscious mind loses concentration. You will find you are imprinted with the transmission, whether you hear or understand all of the information or not. We cannot stress the importance of these recordings enough.

Journaling, Meditating, Exercising, Stretching

Recommendations for this course include: writing in a journal, meditation, exercise, stretching (or yoga), and emotional release work. Please keep in mind that these suggestions are made to help you build and sustain your light and develop the ability to become self-regulating, discerning and filled with self-confidence.

  • Journaling
 We ask that you commit to writing at least two pages in a journal every day. Journaling is helpful in grounding new awareness as it comes to you. It is a way of storing spiritual power, strengthening personal power, and is helpful in developing the ability to stretch your awareness from details to the big picture.
  • Meditation
 As part of this class we request that you meditate a least an hour each day. This hour can be divided into two half-hour periods. Meditation makes a significant difference in your ability to stay centered and balanced, burn off the dross of karmas, and become physically comfortable with the experience of higher vibratory consciousness.
  • Exercise and Stretching/Yoga
 We also request that you exercise and practice yoga or stretch about three times a week. These activities should be geared to your age, health and ability. Please do not overdo it or injure yourself. Ten or fifteen minutes of each three times per week may be sufficient for some, while thirty minutes may be appropriate for others. Please use your discretion. We recommend these as excellent tools to assist in deepening your transformation.
  • Exercise (preferably aerobic, like speed-walking, dancing or swimming) detoxifies, tones, and improves circulation and general health.
  • Yoga or stretching is important for developing flexibility of mind and emotion, and moving the energies through the body as you go through change. Practicing yoga or some form of stretching grounds your new awareness in the body, as well as creating balance and overall well-being. Because the energies are so intense at this time, the tendency is for the body to contract. This type of slow focused stretching releases the tension and allows light to pour directly into the muscles.

When you have completed the course, write a paper on the topic of coping with change in your life. The paper should be from one to six typed pages. Please send your completed assignment to courses@CoreLight.org.

Recommended 8-Week Class Syllabus

Week 1

Begin reading The Marriage of Spirit book and/or listening to The Marriage of Spirit audios. Complete the book in eight weeks.

Week 2

Meditation for Healing—guided meditation audio

Week 3

Energy Management—audio

Week 4

The Heart of the Matter—audio

Week 5

The Mystic Warrior—audio

Week 6

Feeling, Seeing and Creating—audio

Week 7

Change, Grounding and Balance—audio

Week 8