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The Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World (e-Book)

By Leslie Temple-Thurston with Brad Laughlin

In this groundbreaking book, which has been translated into several languages and has helped thousands worldwide, Leslie shares the story of the awakenings that led to her spiritual transformation, and her eclectic, yogic-influenced approach to enlightenment. Filtered through spiritual psychology, the insights and principles are based on the truth teachings of ancient mystery schools, traditions and religions, revamped and simplified for the contemporary spiritual seeker. Rooted in the ancient principle of the unification of opposites, The Marriage of Spirit offers tools, guidance and inspiration for spiritual awakening while living and working in the world. It includes revolutionary, simple exercises that accelerate the path to experiencing divine presence in our lives.

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The Marriage of Spirit audio set

In this three-part synopsis of the book, Leslie shares her eclectic, yogic-influenced approach to Western enlightenment. Parts I and II are a summary of the book’s principles and include polarity processing, a technique of transforming the conditioned personality into more expanded states of awareness. In Part III Leslie reads the Triangles and Squares chapters, which describe advanced methods of uncovering unconscious aspects of the mind that assist with awakening to transcendent states.


Especially helpful for beginning and intermediate meditators, this recording is about meditation in general, as well as meditation as applied to spiritual practice—what it is, why it works, how it works, what it does for you, and what you can hope to gain in your life and in your transformation, through the regular and dedicated practice of meditation. Also included are helpful guidelines for improving your meditations.

Meditation for Healing

Part One: Includes a tour of the subtle body anatomy and a discussion of the grace and healing energy accessed in meditation. Part Two: With soothing background music, Leslie leads a powerful guided meditation that helps to heal the physical body, to connect you with the earth and with the universal source of healing energy, and to align and balance the chakras and subtle body. One of our most popular audios, Meditation for Healing is for advanced meditators and beginners alike. It is an excellent tool to use as part of your daily spiritual practice.


There is a direct correlation between your level of impeccability and your ability to ascend in consciousness. Impeccability is defined as the ability to access, use, store and manage energy perfectly. You need a great deal of energy for transformation and empowerment. Living impeccably leads to great refinement.

Energy Management

What is energy and how do we use it to fuel our lives? Learning to see and understand energy is an important aspect of spiritual practice. Leslie offers practical, powerful methods and guidelines for accessing, using, and storing energy. An excellent companion to the recording Impeccability.

The Heart of the Matter

Love and truth are the most powerful forces in the universe. How do we use these forces to cultivate the garden of the heart and to move into a state of unconditional loving? How do we maintain that loving state in the face of adversity? Leslie outlines the principles involved in establishing and living in heart consciousness.

The Mystic Warrior

The persona of the mystic warrior is a bridge out of the old, conditioned human self into the enlightened state. The mystic warrior has become independent and attuned through dissolving conditioning and dependency and is working on interdependence and serving the welfare of others.

Feeling, Seeing and Creating

A lively discussion on the subject of becoming more sensitive and alive to our inner and outer worlds, and how to express this sensitivity more fully.

Change, Grounding and Balance

A look at the way in which we depend on the world for grounding and stability. The world is too transitory and unstable to be an effective center. We can let go and accept change joyously if we ground ourselves on our inner spiritual core.

Neutrality and Balancing Your Life

There are advantages to finding a state of neutrality, or unity, between the extreme polar opposites of our conditioned way of seeing the world. On the path to awakening, cultivating neutrality helps us open to a higher level of perceiving, to a paradigm of balance and unity.

Yoga With Judy Miller

If you are new to hatha yoga or if you just need a quick reminder of some of the basics, Judy Miller’s yoga is perfect for you. With peaceful, uplifting background music by Sky in the Road, veteran yoga teacher Judy Miller soothingly and lovingly guides you through some simple poses. Her style involves moving with the breath and flowing from one posture to the next. Each track is a complete class containing an opening, a flow series, and a rest phase. This set comes with a handy little downloadable booklet that includes a drawing and description of each posture. Each class is approximately 40 minutes long.

Judy is a graduate of Leslie Temple-Thurston’s Teacher Training Program and generously donated this masterful recording as an act of selfless service.