Discovering Archangel Michael—A Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites of Ancient Europe

(An “Unpolished Manuscript”) By Brad Laughlin



Astonishing synchronicities. Messages from Archangel Michael. A pilgrimage to sacred sites. Profound spiritual awakenings. Discovering a saint. Manifesting a crop circle.



These were some of our experiences on an extraordinary journey of discovery and adventure along the Archangel Michael/Apollo ley line in Europe. My life-partner, Leslie Temple-Thurston, and I were guided to make a pilgrimage along the ley line after she was given an inspiring vision of Archangel Michael appearing at the ancient oracular site of Delphi, Greece.

Join Brad on a journey to:

  • Explore who Archangel Michael is
  • Understand Archangel Michael’s message for our current times, which is about a global shift into heart-centered consciousness and masculine-feminine balancing
  • Learn how to live in the heart and develop qualities of willpower, courage and compassion through an inner connection with Archangel Michael
  • Discover the history and mystery of the Archangel Michael/Apollo ley line, a remarkable alignment of sacred sites through Europe, from Ireland to Israel
  • Receive insights about seeing and feeling spiritual energy, moving through the “turning of the ages”, working with Archangel Michael, and more
  • Discover the power of pilgrimage
  • Learn a simple yet powerful technique for becoming a human acupuncture needle on the Earth.

Manuscript, 190 pages

Note: We offer this manuscript in its current, “unpolished” form because we feel it is important that the story and information be made available. We hope to complete a final publication of the book at some stage.