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The Ebb and Flow of Light and Dark

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Product Description

The Ebb and Flow of Light and Dark

Join Leslie for a heart-opening discussion about love. Leslie elaborates on how giving and receiving love is blocked by the inner deprived child, and how we can move beyond that and into the heart.

At times during deep meditation, everyone has experiences of being lifted into transcendent states. After several days of intense quietude and sublime meditation with Leslie at her beautiful center in Blyde River Canyon, South Africa, a small group of retreatants experienced transcendence.

The group asked questions about their experiences. The discussion that unfolded is the result of their powerful inner journey and transformation in consciousness.

The experience of ascended states often brings forward questions about love, because the experience will lead us toward a new understanding of the real state of love. The advantages we gain from being in this advanced state of love are enormous. It helps us to live in the heart, to have great compassion, to feel fulfilled, and to cope with the world as it is today, making it easier to manage the trials that the world is facing.

Yet inside every adult is a deprived child who affects our ability to be a balanced, clear adult because it is fighting for its survival and thus is feeding neediness and greed into us, all the while leaving us unfulfilled and karmically compromised. The only antidote is awakening into a new level of love. We can most certainly have the world we desire by cultivating the heart and by living the love that we are. When enough people are living in love, a critical mass is formed that will shift the consciousness of the whole planet.

Moving beyond the deprived child and awakening to a new level of love begins with each of us making an inner commitment to cultivate the heart.

Approximately 45 minutes. Watch a 10 minute excerpt of the video.
Available in NTSC format only.


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