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The Modern Day Alchemist—from the Land of the Pharaohs

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The Modern Day Alchemist—from the Land of the Pharaohs

The objective of this anthology is to demystify “Alchemy” and to shine a guiding light on your journey towards becoming a modern day Alchemist. At least 2,500 years old, Alchemy is both a philosophy and a practice with an aim of achieving ultimate wisdom, immortality and the general improvement of oneself. To this end 15 modern day alchemists have crafted a series of candid essays, encapsulating years of devoted study and experience, derived from their extensive travel to where alchemy began with Thoth in the Land of the Pharaohs.

    Ancient wisdom for living in 12 revealing essays:
  • Leslie Temple-Thurston: Beyond the Beyond
  • Normandi Ellis: The Creative Alchemist
  • Lynn Andrews: Shaman Woman in Egypt
  • Jane Bell: Making Room for Grace
  • Nicki Scully: Modern Alchemy in Egypt
  • Christian Bernard: Spiritual Alchemy
  • Greg Roach: The Secret Alchemy of Travel
  • Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle: Emotional Alchemy
  • Shelli Wright Johnson: Living my Bes-Life
  • Seija Nurmi, PhD, MSc: Using Unconditional Love
  • Dr. Friedemann Schaub and Danielle Hoffman: The Alchemy of Light and Dark
  • George Faddoul: On Being a Modern Day Alchemist


Hardcover. 272 pages.

Leslie’s chapter, “Beyond the Beyond”, relates the story of an extraordinary mystical journey that she took to Egypt with a small group in August 1999, timed to coincide with an auspicious astrological event, which included a total solar eclipse. The trip culminated in their spending the night in sacred ceremony alone in the Great Pyramid of Giza and with a dawn meditation between the paws of the Sphinx. In this chapter, Leslie shares revelations about many mysteries, which were revealed to her during this time.

Here are a few excerpts from Leslie’s chapter:

“[It] was one of the most memorable and purposeful mystical experiences I have had in this life. As a natural-born mystic and spiritual teacher who routinely inhabits the multi-dimensional worlds of energy and transcendental light, I have to admit that this first trip to Egypt was way outside of the norm for me…”

“Someone seeking spiritual transformation who travels to Egypt will receive initiations. This is a predictable happening. Initiations are an integral part of the deep changes that take place in every student's consciousness as they advance on their journey toward self-knowledge, and the sacred sites of Egypt offer profound initiations.”

“The birth of a more balanced consciousness, with the power to lift humanity up beyond the old good/evil, right/wrong polarizations of this human world and into a permanently peaceful and unified state, is undoubtedly in humanity's future. But first there must be a cleaning out of negative unconscious ego issues. The Great Pyramid of Giza, on August 11, 1999, generated a light that played a significant part in beginning this process.”


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