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Seven Portals of Spiritual Awakening

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Product Description

This seven-class course was created by Leslie to single out and carefully define several of the most important aspects of Self-discovery. The course is designed to support the inner growth and spiritual clarity of individuals preparing to enter the state of samadhi, a state of conscious connection to Source and Oneness.

Building Your Light—This is a discussion about different ways of increasing the flow of light and energy into your system and about how to use the light to fuel your Self-discovery.

Awareness Expansion—By expanding our awareness to more subtle and subconscious levels, we incorporate more of the manifold frequencies of existence and begin to integrate ourselves with the Totality.

Waking the Heart—The unpolarized state of the infinite heart is your birthright. Awaken the heart and discover the power of love to transform your life and relationships into a direct experience of divine connectedness.

The New Paradigm—Beyond the old, paradigmatic system of judgment is a system of synchronicity and fluidity. Leslie discusses learning to use the guidelines of impeccability to enter the system of flow of the new paradigm.

Discernment, Seeing, and Mysticism—By discovering and exploring our own innate mystical abilities, we develop our subtle perception. With this development comes discernment, which allows us to enter more fully into the new paradigm and to move towards enlightenment.

Spiritual Alignment—Our egoic motivations, beliefs and intentions govern our lives with a material focus. By redirecting our attention and intention toward the Source, we come into a deeper connection with all of existence and dramatically speed our awakening.

Meditation and Samadhi—Leslie explores and discusses the practice of meditation, the state of samadhi and the connectedness of all beings.


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